The Apple Core: Hollywood wants to change iPod DRM

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Date: Friday, December 1st, 2006, 09:28
Category: The Apple Core

Hot on the heels of Microsoft’s deal with Universal Music (a unit of Vivendi) to pay a US$1 royalty on every Zune player sold in exchange for licensing its recordings for Microsoft’s new digital music service, Hollywood now wants in on the action.
Why in the world would Microsoft agree to such a dangerous precedent? The obvious reason is that MS needed to get access to the Universal catalog. My favorite (and more dastardly) reason comes from Macalope who claims that Microsoft did it “to try to screw up Apple’s business model.”
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Apple Files Patent for Possible iPhone?

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Date: Friday, December 1st, 2006, 08:40
Category: Rumor

A recently filed patent by Apple Computer reported by Macworld has pointed to a possible mobile phone device, or long-awaited “iPhone”, that could serve as the next generation of the iPod as well as allow the company to branch off into new markets.
According to a report on, the patent describes a “tube-like” device containing zirconia and alumina that would be “cost effective, smaller, lighter, stronger and aesthetically more pleasing than current” designs.
The introduction of the patent is sensible, especially with Macworld Expo just around the corner in San Francisco in little more than a month. The iPhone would face considerable competition from new generations of cell phones capable of increased functionality as MP3 players as well as PDA-like devices.
Speculation for an “iPhone” device has been a favorite topic of many Mac users, many of them wishing to see Apple improve where current cell phone manufacturers fall short.
A short but popular concept video by award winning filmmaker Christopher DeSantis details what a potential iPhone, or “iTalk”, might be like in terms of form, function and appearance.

Odds are the actual Apple phone wouldn’t float.


Apple Accidentally Sells MacBook with Pre-Loaded Porn

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Date: Friday, December 1st, 2006, 08:28
Category: Humor

Consumer advocacy site The Consumerist has reported that a customer was shocked to find that a MacBook he had purchased from the London Apple Store for his 11-year old daughter contained a desktop full of adult material.
The following instant message conversation covers the reaction between the buyer’s friend and The Consumerist’s Ben Popken:
RKH: me mate just bought a “refreshed” Macbook from the Apple Store here in London, turned it on once he got home and found porn on the desktop
fakeout: how refreshing!
RKH: apple sells “refreshed” machines at a 15% discount
fakeout: It’s supposed to be clean of everything I assume, including porn
fakeout: What kind of porn was it?
RKH: didn’t say
fakeout: how much porn?
RKH: just said there was a “desktop full of JPGs”
fakeout: How does he feel about it?
RKH: he’s pretty shocked, he bought it for his 11-year old daughtre
RKH: daughter
fakeout: Is he going to complain?
RKH: he filed a complaint with the OfCom ombudsman
RKH: and he’s going to call his MP tomorrow
fakeout: MP?
RKH: member of Parliament
fakeout: Not going to talk to Apple?
RKH: OFCOM will handle that part
RKH: a government agency tends to have more power than individual consumers
fakeout: That’s cool they will go to bat for him
RKH: they go to bat for anyone who complains about a company
fakeout: We should get one of those over here
RKH: Carphone Warehouse got a L5mil fine for overcharging VAT on purchases a few years ago.
fakeout: it would be great to get a photo of the desktop with the jpgs on it
RKH: he reformatted the drive and reinstalled OS X from his Tiger CD
Parenthood may not be simple, but systems CDs might make it a bit easier. It might just be worth the time to things check over before you hand a new system over to your children this holiday season…
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