Apple Posts $1 Billion Profit, Extremely Strong iPod Sales

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Date: Wednesday, January 17th, 2007, 17:27
Category: Finance

On Wednesday, January 17th, Apple Inc. posted a record-breaking $1 billion profit on record revenues of $7.12 billion for the first fiscal quarter of 2007. Earnings per share for the quarter were $1.14. This compares to last year’s Q1 earnings with a quarterly profit of $565 million, $5.75 billion in revenues and 65 cents per share.
Profits rose 78% based on iPod sales as compared with one year ago and Apple representatives stated that the company had shipped 1,606,000 Macintosh computers and 21,066,000 iPods during the quarter, representing a 28% growth in Macs and 50% growth in iPods sales compared to Q1 of 2006. International sales accounted for 42 percent of the quarter’s revenue, according to the company.
Financial analysts expect Apple to post revenues of $4.8 to $4.9 billion and earn $0.78 per share in Q2 of 2007.
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Cell Phone Battery Explodes, Leads to Second and Third Degree Burns

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Date: Wednesday, January 17th, 2007, 11:17
Category: News

An article over at TechNewsWorld cites how a Northern California man received second and third degree burns to at least half his body while sleeping when his cell phone spontaneously exploded in his pocket. The phone, located in his front pants pocket, ignited his clothing and led to a larger fire.
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Intel Profits Drop 39% During Reorganization

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Date: Wednesday, January 17th, 2007, 10:03
Category: News

In mixed news, Intel reported that it posted a profit of $1.5 billion for the fourth quarter, down 39% from last year as a result of heavy layoffs (10,500 workers) and corporate reorganization according to an article on Macworld News.
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SeeEyE2Eye Webcam Periscope/Teleprompter to Ship on 22nd

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Date: Wednesday, January 17th, 2007, 08:44
Category: News

The Unofficial Apple Weblog has an article on a strange but potentially cool piece of hardware ready to hit the shelves on the 22nd.
SeeEye2Eye is an accessory that, when placed over a screen and a webcam, uses a set of mirrors which bounce the video signal and encourages the user to look at the webcam instead of the screen.
The device can also be used with teleprompting software packages and arrives in two models, both available for $99. One works with built-in iSight cameras while the other works with external iSights and other webcam models.
Unfortunately, the article confirms that the model designed for built-in webcams doesn’t work with the iMac, which is slightly too thick to accommodate it.
SeeEye2Eye ships Monday, January 22nd.


Apple Posts 35 Jobs for iPhone Project

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Date: Wednesday, January 17th, 2007, 07:58
Category: News

An article on AppleInsider points to 35 new positions that have become publicly available over at Apple. The positions focus on development for future generations of iPhone devices.
Whether these positions will have any impact on the upcoming iPhone, due this June, is unknown. Still, it looks like Apple is willing to hire everyone it could ever need to make sure the iPhone sticks around.
The jobs include positions such as Analog Design Engineer for the audio and power systems, positions to look after the applications both on the hardware and software end, etc.
If you or anyone else you know might be interested in working on the iPhone project, a straight list of the available jobs can be found here.