Early Office 2008 Screenshot Gallery Posted

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Date: Monday, January 15th, 2007, 09:45
Category: Pictures

The folks over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog have posted a quick gallery of screenshots for Microsoft’s upcoming Office 2008 programs.


The gallery features images of the new look, updated core art graphics and shows improvements in Excel as well as a new “reminder” table for Entourage.
Cool stuff and it’ll be interesting to see how they improve on Office 2004.


iPhone Version of OS X Under 500 Megabytes

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Date: Monday, January 15th, 2007, 08:57
Category: Software

An article over on Macworld.co.uk describes how the upcoming iPhone version of Mac OS X will weigh in at under 500 megabytes of space that will be used on a “versatile” flash hard drive according to Apple’s vice president of worldwide marketing, Greg Joswiak.


The operating system, according to Joswiak, will sit in the flash memory of the iPhone and that Apple will “provide updates to the operating system like we do today,” with a similar software update structure being developed such as the one used for the company’s iPods and Macintosh computers. Specific details as to this have yet to be released.
Joswiak also claimed that Apple was able to reduce the file size of Mac OS X by removing technologies that didn’t need to ship with the iPhone and that the small, durable form factor of a flash hard drive worked well for the iPhone.
So far a list of included and excluded Mac OS X technologies has yet to be seen.
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NYT: iPhone = “Crippleware”

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Date: Monday, January 15th, 2007, 08:51
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STEVE JOBS, Apple’s showman nonpareil, provided the first public glimpse of the iPhone last week – gorgeous, feature-laden and pricey. While following the master magician’s gestures, it was easy to overlook a most disappointing aspect: like its slimmer iPod siblings, the iPhone’s music-playing function will be limited by factory-installed “crippleware.”

If “crippleware” seems an unduly harsh description, it balances the euphemistic names that the industry uses for copy protection. Apple officially calls its own standard “FairPlay,” but fair it is not.

The term “crippleware” comes from the plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit, Melanie Tucker v. Apple Computer Inc., that is making its way through Federal District Court in Northern California. The suit contends that Apple unfairly restricts consumer choice because it does not load onto the iPod the software needed to play music that uses Microsoft’s copy-protection standard, in addition to Apple’s own.

Want an iPhone? Beware the iHandcuffs – New York Times

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MWSF07: One Final Look Back at Macworld Expo

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Date: Friday, January 12th, 2007, 18:25
Category: Pictures

San Francisco — We’ve grouped the photos from Flickr.com’s PowerPage section into additional sets for easier navigation and viewing.


If you couldn’t make Macworld Expo this year, this is the next best thing. And where next year is concerned, we’ll be here and I’ll be losing additional bets as to product releases and thus buying you an ice cream sundae or other dessert.
Thanks for reading and see you then.


MWSF07: PowerPage’s Best of Show Awards/Wrap-up

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Date: Friday, January 12th, 2007, 17:12
Category: News

San Francisco — With Macworld Expo winding down, it’s time to honor the best of the best. These companies went beyond what was expected for a trade show presence and offered something great to the people who came by.


So, without further ado, O’Grady’s PowerPage presents this year’s awards:
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MWSF07: Additional AppleTV Details Emerge

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Date: Friday, January 12th, 2007, 16:39
Category: News

San Francisco — Further details have emerged regarding Apple’s upcoming Apple TV set top media device, due to be released this February for US$299. A first look over at Macworld News describes how the device, once hooked up, will appear in iTunes under the source list, much like a mounted iPod or other device currently does now. Select the Apple TV icon and you can choose which data is synched to the Apple TV from your Mac (such as movies, TV shows, music, playlists and photos).


Apple currently estimates that the 40 gigabyte hard drive that ships with the Apple TV can hold 50 hours of video data or 9,000 songs or 25,000 pictures.
In environments where more than one computer is present, the Apple TV will synch with one computer to store data on its hawrd drive but will also link with up to five other computers and stream data from them using an 802.11n networking protocol for wireless synching as well as an Ethernet connection when applicable.
The Apple TV will only synch with iTunes libraries once it’s received permission from the user. When the Apple TV tries to connect, it displays a PIN code to the TV screen that must be entered for the Apple TV to synch with the library.
Apple has taken an unexpected stance with the included USB port on the Apple TV device, booth representatives citing that the port will be unable to connect to an external hard drive and is for “maintenance use only”.
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MWSF07: Final Macworld Expo Gallery Posted

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Date: Friday, January 12th, 2007, 16:15
Category: Pictures

San Francisco — The final picture gallery for the 2007 Macworld Expo San Francisco has been posted to the PowerPage section of Flickr.com.


The gallery includes shots from the floor as well as pictures from BackBeat Media’s Cirque de Mac 4.0 party, which took place Wednesday night and featured the Macworld All-Stars. Thanks to photographer John F. Braun for permission to use some of these shots.


MWSF07: Cisco Claims Apple Snagged “iPhone” Name Via Shell Company

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Date: Friday, January 12th, 2007, 12:46
Category: News

An article on Canoe Network helps flesh out the conflict between Cisco and Apple over the dispute between the iPhone name and the suit Cisco has filed against Apple claiming it violated one of its trademarks.


In the suit, filed Wednesday, Cisco asked a judge to forbid Apple from using the name “iPhone”, which Cisco has held as a trademark since 2000.
According to the article, Apple initially inquired after Cisco to acquire or license the rights to the iPhone name. Upon refusal of these names, Cisco claims that Apple embardked on a campaign of “confusion, mistake and deception” and created a shell company called Ocean Telecom Services LLC to sidestep these challenges.
In an application submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trade office during March of 2006, Ocean Telecom described itself as a foreign company offering services in Trinidad and Tobago.
As of Thursday, an Apple spokeswoman declined to comment on Ocean Telecom,
In spite of criticism form both sides, Apple recently calling Cisco’s lawsuit as “silly”, Cisco spokesman John Noh claimed that Cisco was still willing to negotiate with Apple with regard to the name. Noh claimed that Cisco executives would like to let Apple use the term “iPhone” on the condition that the companies’ phones be able to communicate with each other.
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The Browning of Greenpeace

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Date: Friday, January 12th, 2007, 08:00
Category: Opinion

Lately Greenpeace has been targeting Apple with a “GreenMyApple” campaign, including the infamous “Greening of Apple” publicity stunt in New York a little while back. OK, point made, good to be aware that Apple, like many, could do better.
The problem is, they’re going too far. Way, way too far.
They claim that they’re targeting Apple because Apple should be better because they’re, well, Apple. But like a teenager who’s crushed upon learning that their parents are imperfect and only human, Greenpeace doesn’t seem to want to accept that Apple is a corporation like any other, that they try to do their best, and they’re not perfect. Greenpeace is running the risk of alienating people who support them. And they don’t care.
How do I know? I called them. I spoke to someone about the GreenMyApple
campaign, and explained to him, in the most rational way possible, that
while I sympathized with their goals, there was a backlash going on;
that when I read about their activities I found myself thinking badly of
Greenpeace, not of Apple. I may as well have been talking to my iPod; he
told me about the validity of the campaign, and even said, “we alienate
people with every campaign we do. That’s just how it goes.” He couldn’t
have been less interested.
Hmm. Nice. Chalk up one more alienated person.
Of course, there’s plenty of holes in Greenpeace’s story, too. You could read Roughly Drafted who wrote After spending at least $50,000 on expensive lab work, Greenpeace ignored the data they discovered, or AppleInsider who reported Greenpeace admits placing Apple under more scrutiny than any other electronics manufacturer. But that’s facts, and Greenpeace prefers factiness.
Like that teenager seeking attention by whatever means necessary, Greenpeace seems hell-bent on trying to cause Apple problems, from unruly protests (that get them kicked out of Macworld Expo) to botched “greening events” – but not out of high moral ground; they do it purely because they know that attacking Apple gets them publicity.
Here’s the problem with that…. Read more after the jump…


iSale 4: The Best Got Better

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Date: Thursday, January 11th, 2007, 23:51
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I’m a big fan of iSale because it’s the best eBay listing software out there for the Mac and I’ve used it since version 1.0. The new version 4 adds a ton of new features including new templates, resizable images and Flickr support. If you’ve got a basement full of old Mac gear, iSale 4 (starting at US$40) can definitely help you turn it into cash.

With iSale 4, the ultimate eBay auctioning solution for your Mac, creating, tracking and managing your auctions is getting easier and easier. From start to finish – iSale is always by your side. Check out the new features that iSale 4 has to offer and explore how easy it is to sell items on eBay with iSale.

equinux – iSale 4

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