Tekkeon Releases myPower GO for iPod and Other Devices

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Date: Tuesday, February 13th, 2007, 08:11
Category: News

MacMinute is reporting that accessory firm Tekkeon has announced its myPower GO emergency power module for devices such as cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras, video cameras and iPods.
The myPower GO, which uses four AA batteries, arrives with multiple charger tips to enable the device to charge a wide variety of units. A full charge, as stated by Tekkeon’s web site, can provide and additional six hours for a cell phone, one and a half additional hours on a PDA and eight additional hours of video playback on an iPod.
The myPower GO also functions as a battery charger and can charge four AA batteries via a USB port. The device retails for US$19.95 and is available now.


One Laptop Per Child Project Ships Initial Laptops to Eight Nations

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Date: Tuesday, February 13th, 2007, 08:12
Category: News

The One Laptop Per Child project, the effort undertaken by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in collaboration with dozens of technology industry partners, has announced that it will ship nearly 2,500 of its $150 laptops to eight nations this month according to an article on ZDNet.
The shipment will function as an experiment prior to mass production of the laptops, which is set for July 5th when five million of the units, dubbed the XO, will be built. Prices for each laptop should fall from US$150 to US$100 (thereby matching the project’s long-standing nickname of the “$100 Laptop”) and fall below US$100 in production costs per unit when the project hopes to supply 150 million laptops worldwide.
Education ministries in Brazil, Uruguay, Libya, Rwanda, Pakistan, Thailand and possibly Ethiopia and the West Bank will receive the initial machines before the program expands to Indonesia and other countries.
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Apple in Talks with EA About iPhone Game Titles

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Date: Tuesday, February 13th, 2007, 08:02
Category: News

An article on BusinessWeek.com cites Apple as having tapped game publishers such as Electronic Arts and Namco to deliver a slew of casual video games such as Tetris, Pac-Man, Sudoku and Texas Hold’em.
The games, when complete, could be downloaded from the iTunes Store for US$4.99 each with the target market being the customer base that would catch up with a quick game available on their cell phone in the space of an extra 10 minutes. In 2006, the U.S. mobile game market was valued at US$722 million according to research firm IDC. The market is expected to grow to US$952 million in 2007 and reach US$1.3 billion in 2010.
While Apple has kept silent about the possibility of games for its upcoming iPhone and Apple TV products, Mitch Lasky, senior vice-president of EA Mobile, mentioned that “we have been talking to Apple about games on (the iPhone.” Lasky also mentioned that EA sees technologies they’ve become used to from the iPod being incorporated into the iPhone.”
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Why not enjoy some Apple TV?

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Date: Monday, February 12th, 2007, 23:36
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Apple’s coming iPhone has been grabbing all the attention, but at least one analyst thinks Apple TV could be a scene stealer for the Cupertino company, at least in the current fiscal second quarter.

According to a Bloomberg News report, Citigroup Investment Research analyst Richard Gardner believes Apple TV could bring in $500 million in revenue this year and as much as $1 billion next year. “Apple TV is obviously very important because it brings iTunes content into the living room,” he wrote in a note to clients, according to Bloomberg.

MercuryNews.com | Investors on hold for the iPhone: Why not enjoy some Apple TV?

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Intel Puts 80-core Chip Design Through Its Paces

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Date: Monday, February 12th, 2007, 13:16
Category: News

Macworld News is reporting that Intel researchers are putting an 80-core processor that could perform multiple teraflops (trillions of floating point operations per second) through its paces. The chip design could also use less electricity than a current desktop PC processor.
The processor design fits 80 individual chip cores onto a fingernail-size 275 square millimeter area. According to Jerry Bautista, the director of Intel’s tera-scale research program, the company has no plans to bring the chip to market, but is using it to test high-bandwidth interconnects, revised energy management techniques and new methods of constructing multicore chips.
The design, which currently runs at 3.16 GHz, managed to achieve a 1.01 teraflop rating with an efficiency rating of 16 gigaflops per watt. The chip could have been set to run at a higher speed, but loses efficiency in doing so.
Despite the faster speeds and greatly increased number of cores, the processor is able to save power by placing inactive processor cores into sleep modes, then activating them as needed. The presence of a router built alongside the core allows for a miniature network to be created on the chip. Intel’s engineers have also included memory-based thread scheduling and faster on-chip memory caches to boost the data flow from memory to the processor cores. A layer of “3D stacked memory” located under the chip helps minimize the time, distance and power required to deliver data to the cores.
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Yellow Breaks its Silence with Apple

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Date: Monday, February 12th, 2007, 10:39
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Oh Apple. Why dost thou hate me so? I am the very cheery color of the sun and a myriad of flowers around the globe. I am in almost every fast food logo, and I am many people’s favorite color. I could go on and on, but I am a color that should need no introduction. I am in fact a primary color. If you think about it, there are only two colors that are equal to me.

I can try to understand why you have picked blue for your product colors more often than any other (nine in my very rough estimate), but can’t you let me shine every once in a while? Why did you not use me when the rest of the rainbow was represented in your original iMac line? Not since you stripped the color from your original logo have I been able to show my stuff.

Be A Design Group: Graphic Design as a Group Experience

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Poll: Would Removing DRM Change Your Music Buying Habits

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Date: Monday, February 12th, 2007, 09:08
Category: Poll

Amidst the chaos of Steve Jobs’ open letter regarding digital rights management software in the online music world and the ensuing fallout from both sides of the issue, we wanted to know what you make of of the question at hand. Does digital rights management genuinely change the way you buy music online and what would you like to see changed?

Would removing DRM protection from music purchased online change your buying habits?
Yes, I’d buy more music online.
I’d definitely buy less music online.
I don’t mind DRMs, but I want them to be open standards.
I don’t usually buy music online.
I’ll buy the music if it’s there, DRM aside.


Rolling Stone: Is Apple the New Evil Empire?

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Date: Monday, February 12th, 2007, 09:50
Category: Opinion

AppleThe signs are all there: The technological superiority. The ruthless march to galactic domination. The musical devices that from a fashion standpoint would be the perfect accessory for any Stormtrooper uniform. Once but the student (see their classic 1984 ad, their PC vs. Mac ads and oh, everything else that’s ever come out of their mouth), it seems that little ol’ Apple finally could be turning into the Master.

It sounds ridiculous, we know. Apple? Really? Don’t only a couple of loser bloggers and the hopelessly out-of-touch publishing industry (ahem) use those things? Well, consider the recent evidence that goes well beyond the limited world of desktop computers:

Rolling Stone > Blog Archive > Is Apple the New Evil Empire?


Getting The Most Out of Your Laptop Battery

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Date: Monday, February 12th, 2007, 09:06
Category: battery

Anyone who has purchased an Apple laptop knows that the battery life is significant. I specifically remember getting four hours of life (full screen brightness) with my first G4 Powerbook. As time advances, the battery, processor, and electronic technology grows; and with it comes the ability to produce a portable that is more efficient and energy conservative, yet still has the performance that consumers require.

As time with your laptop advances however, the battery on your system may begin to lose its charging capabilities. What was once four hours of life, turns into three and a half, then to two and a half, and so on and so on. Throughout your system life, the greater portion of the time you will never use your laptop until the battery is empty. More or less you will use it for a little, then plug it back in, take it off, plug in again and so forth. The process of doing this can miss-calibrate the battery to the point where it will not allow maximum storage capability and lower your battery life.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Laptop Battery – Macinhack

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Newest AirPort Extreme Base Stations Begin to Surface

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Date: Monday, February 12th, 2007, 08:28
Category: News

The Unofficial Apple Weblog is reporting that Apple’s new 802.11n-compatible AirPort Extreme Base Station has been sighted and purchased in Apple Store locations around the United States as well as internationally.
Reports have come in from Indianapolis, London, Connecticut, New York City and Providence, Rhode Island of the units being available.
If you’ve seen the units around or picked one up for yourself, let us know.