Apple Adding Final Touches to Apple TV Device

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Date: Tuesday, March 13th, 2007, 10:30
Category: Rumor

According to sources close to the company, Apple may begin manufacturing its long-awaited Apple TV device as early as Monday.
A report on AppleInsider cites that the company, which faced setbacks that shifted an anticipated January launch to mid-March, may be ready to begin manufacturing the units.
The setbacks appear to have been software-related, albeit Apple has never offered an official explanation for the delays. Speculated reasons for these setbacks have included time necessary for full approval of the device from the Federal Communications Commission, although other sources have cited that the NVIDIA graphics card within the Apple TV could have presented technical concerns which needed to be resolved.
Sources close to the company state that Apple began supplying its Taiwanese manufacturing partner Foxconn with materials.
The Apple TV will feature an NVIDIA G72M chipset with 64 megabytes of DDR2 video RAM as well as a 1.0 GHz Pentium M-based Intel chip with two megabytes of L2 cache, 256 megabytes of non-upgradable 400 MHz DDR2 RAM, a 40 gigabyte 2.5″ PATA hard drive and an 802.11n wireless card.
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Octo-Core Mac Pro Image Leaked

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Date: Tuesday, March 13th, 2007, 10:16
Category: Rumor

A leaked image on the UK Apple Store suggests that Apple may be releasing an 8-core Mac Pro according to MacRumors.
Rumors of an 8-core Mac Pro system have been floating around since last October, the systems using dual Intel quad-core Xeon processors.
For full details and feedback, check out Jason O’Grady’s Apple Core blog.


Intel to Release Improved Quad-Core Xeon Chips

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Date: Tuesday, March 13th, 2007, 10:14
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Intel has announced that they will officially begin selling more energy-efficient quad-core Xeon processors as of Monday, according to representatives.
The new processors, dubbed the Xeon L5320 and L5310, will consume 12.5 watts of electricity, about a 60% reduction over the company’s current 80-watt and 120-watt quad-core products.
Both chips will feature eight megabytes of on-die cache, the L5320 operating at 1.86 GHz while the L5310 will operate at 1.60 GHz according to Macworld News.
The chips will be priced at US$519 for the L5320 and US$455 for the L5310 when ordered in quantities of 1,000 units.
To date, there’s been no indication as to whether Apple will begin using the new processors in their Mac Pro towers, even though the current generation of Mac Pro units make use of Intel’s Xeon processors. The chips are expected to be available within server products from Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and others within the next few months.


Seagate ships 3 Gbps Momentus 7200.2 notebook HDD

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Date: Tuesday, March 13th, 2007, 09:49
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Everyone is working themselves into a lather over the rash of new and fast notebook hard drives recently announced. Personally, I’ll stick with the more spacious (200GB), albeit slower (4200RPM) Toshiba MK2035GSS in my MacBook Pro.

While we were all prepared to wait for Fujitsu’s May release of its MHW2 BJ series, Seagate decided to swoop in for the kill with the Momentus 7200.2. It’s already shipping this comprable 2.5-inch laptop HDD with a 3 Gbps SATA interface (doubled from 1.5 Gbps in the last version). The new Momentus spins itself silly at 7,200 rpm…


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