Razer Announces Pro|Type Keyboard with Built-in iPod Dock

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Date: Monday, April 9th, 2007, 11:58
Category: News

On Monday, Razer Pro Solutions announced that the company is now accepting orders for its Pro|Type keyboard. The keyboard, which will ship on April 20th, features a built-in iPod docking station and will retail for US$129.99.
Complete with a nice number of bells and whistles, the Pro|Type keyboard also sports 10 quick access media keys, line-out, two USB ports and the ability to switch profiles on program detection. The keyboard also incorporates ultra touch-sensitive keys and a wrist rest area according to Macworld News.
The integrated iPod docking station behaves like a standard iPod conneciton, allowing the user to both synch and charge their iPod without requiring a separate cable or dock device.


Rogers Wireless Confirms iPhone for Canada

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Date: Monday, April 9th, 2007, 11:00
Category: News

Last week, a story regarding the uncertainty of the iPhone in Canada sparked debate as telecom provider Rogers Wireless had not announced whether it would be carrying Apple’s upcoming device.
This week and a call to Rogers Wireless’ customer support lines later, things look to be a bit more optimistic. According to comments from a customer service representative, Rogers will be carrying the iPhone and will actually function as the exclusive Apple iPhone carrier for the nation of Canada. No exact release date or price could be specified, even though the carrier claims it will provide full support for the phone when it’s released.
Additional details will be posted as they become available.


Apple Sells 100 Millionth iPod

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Date: Monday, April 9th, 2007, 09:42
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On Monday, Apple announced that the company had sold its 100 millionth iPod music player.
‚ÄúAt this historic milestone, we want to thank music lovers everywhere for making iPod such an incredible success. iPod has helped millions of people around the world rekindle their passion for music, and we’re thrilled to be a part of that,‚Äù said Apple CEO Steve Jobs.
Apple first introduced the iPod in November of 2001 as a five gigabyte model. Since then, 10 new models have been released over five iPod generations, two iPod mini generations, two iPod Nano generations and two iPod Shuffle generations. Current capacities range up to 80 gigabytes with the most recent iPod Shuffle being scaled down to a unit about the size of a book of matches.
The iTunes Store, which was later launched as a content provider, has sold more than 2.5 billion songs, 50 million television shows and 1.3 million episodes according to Macworld News.
The iPod currently retails between US$79 and US$349 depending on model and capacity.


Controversial iPod, MP3 Player Program Proposed for Michigan Students

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Date: Monday, April 9th, 2007, 08:43
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According to an editorial published in the Detroit Free Press, Michigan democrats are pushing for iPods and other MP3 players to be distributed to students throughout the state. Recently, state house speaker Andy Dillon suggested the idea, citing the MP3 players as learning tools and pushing for US$38 million to be allocated toward the effort.
The proposal has triggered a controversy in Michigan politics, the state currently facing a US$600 million deficit this year and a US$2.1 billion deficit in 2008, according to MacNN.
“My members are telling me they have much more pressing things they’re worried about, like whether they’re going to be able to make payroll in May,” said Michigan Association of School Boards spokesman Don Wotruba.
The proposal has drawn flak from Republican quarters, party members and their supporters accusing the Democrats of wasting money on luxuries while supporting stressful tax hikes that have been simultaneously offered along with the iPod program. Opponents to the proposal have gone as far as to pen an editorial in the Detroit News.
“We wonder how financially strained Michigan residents will feel about paying higher taxes to buy someone else’s kid an iPod,” wrote the editorial’s anonymous author.
The Michigan state fiscal year begins in October with state officials hoping to have their budget signed by first of June.
Although iPods and other MP3 players have been handed out to students and faculty at various educational levels for years, including Duke University’s Duke Digital Initiative, no comprehensive study has emerged regarding the effects of these devices and learning.


FastMac Now Offering Blu-Ray Optical Drives for Apple Laptops

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Date: Monday, April 9th, 2007, 07:44
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On Friday, FastMac announced that the company has released its Blu-ray optical drives for the following slot-loading Macintosh computers:
-iBook G4
-iMac G5
-iMac Intel
-MacBook Pro (17″)
-Mac mini
-PowerBook G3 Pismo
-PowerBook G4 Titanium (667 Mhz or higher)
-PowerBook G4 Aluminum
The Blu-ray format allows up to 50 gigabytes to be stored on a single disk while also remaining compatible with standard CD and DVD media. The drive is available at an introductory price of US$799.95 and arrives with a bundled copy of Roxio‘s Toast 8 Titanium, a complimentary 25 gigabyte Blu-ray rewritable disc, a 30 day money back guarantee and a year’s warranty.
The drive requires Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later to function according to Macworld News
The company also mentioned that native support for Blu-ray burning within iLife and iTunes could be expected in the future, but cannot be guaranteed at this time.