Intel Lays Out Penryn and Quad-Core Mobile Chip Details

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Date: Monday, April 16th, 2007, 12:33
Category: News

On Monday, Intel offered a preview of chips models expected to appear for its mobile markets and also described a quad-core mobile chip expected to appear next year.
The company stated that it would be expanding on its current mobile offerings with a chip based upon the Penryn processor, which functions as a 45 nanometer shrunken design of its current chip designs. The first Penryn chips are slated to go into production later this year and be introduced into devices in the second half of 2008 according to AppleInsider.
An Intel representative stated that the Penryn design could be plugged directly into the same architecture that will ship next May, thus enabling a fast ramp-up process.
The company also unveiled details about a quad-core Penryn mobile processor due for release during the 2008 calendar year. The processor will be targeted towards high-level gaming and mobile workstations, albeit won’t be seen in most notebook devices. Repersentatives commented that the chip’s architecture will differ considerably from the company’s current quad-core server and desktop processors, which are designed around two dual-cor units paired together. The company is considering placing all four cores on a single piece of silicon, thereby increasing speeds and using less energy.


Safari Speed-Up Guide Published

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Date: Monday, April 16th, 2007, 11:10
Category: How-To

The folks over at MacFixIt have published a full guide as to how to speed up Apple’s Safari web browser.
Topics included cover how to speed up the program’s launch by cleaning up the startup routines, clearing out .plist files, removing third-party add-ons, resetting the browser, checking the plug-in inventory and clearing out the AutoFill option.
The guide also recommends lower tech solutions such as power cycling a cable or DSL modem or router as well as reworking your bookmarks and even editing names to increase speed on this front.
If Safari remains your favorite browser for the Mac despite the allure of Firefox, take a gander and let us know what you think.


Adobe Ships CS3, Releases Premiere Pro and After Effects Public Betas

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Date: Monday, April 16th, 2007, 10:28
Category: News

It may be Monday and gloomy here on the east coast, but Adobe is chock-full of good news, even with a nor’easter making things difficult out here.
The long-awaited Creative Suite 3 is now shipping, Adobe announcing that its Design Premium and Standard as well as the Web Premium and Standard Editions are out the door.
For stand-alone applications, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended, Adobe InDesign CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS3, Adobe Flash CS3 Professional, Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, Adobe Fireworks CS3 and Adobe Contribute CS3 also shipped today.
The company has stated that its Creative Suite 3 Production Premium and Creative Suite 3 Master Collection editions are expected to ship in the third quarter of this year according to Macworld News.
The currently shipping editions run at the following prices:
-Creative Suite 3 Design Premium Edition: US$1799
-Creative Suite 3 Design Standard Edition: US$1199
-Creative Suite 3 Web Premium Edition: US$1599
-Creative Suite 3 Web Standard Edition: US$999
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John Starmer Releases MightyMonitor Widget

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Date: Monday, April 16th, 2007, 09:11
Category: Software

Falling somewhere between the categories of “pretty neat idea” and “hey, that could be really useful”, developer John Starmer has released the MightyMonitor widget, a small widget application that displays the battery status of Apple’s wireless keyboard as well as its mighty mouse.
The readout displays remaining battery life as a percentage while the stop light-esque status readout warns the user that less than 25% of original battery life remains if the light is yellow and less than 10% remains if the light turns red.
MightyMonitor is available as a 412 kilobyte download through MacUpdate and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later to run.


BriteMac Introduces VM2Go Utility

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Date: Monday, April 16th, 2007, 08:14
Category: Software

As virtual machines have become more popular, software for managing them begins to become necessary. Responding to this, BriteMac has released VM2Go, a shareware utility that allows users of the best-selling Parallels Desktop for Mac to easily load and maintain the individual virtual machine profiles they’ve created with the program. Virtual machines can then be transferred to an external drive such as an iPod, DVD or thumb drive.
VM2Go is available for a US$14.95 shareware registration fee and is a 1.5 megabyte download for free, although will require registration after being run 20 times according to Macworld News.
If you’ve tried the program and had either a positive or negative experience with it, let us know.