Apple Releases Battery Update 1.2 for MacBooks

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Date: Friday, April 27th, 2007, 16:11
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On Friday, Apple released Battery Update 1.2, a small firmware update for the following MacBook laptops:
-MacBook (Late 2006)
-MacBook Pro (15-inch)
-MacBook Pro (15-inch Glossy)
-MacBook Pro (15-inch Core 2 Duo)
-MacBook Pro (17-inch)
-MacBook Pro (17-inch Core 2 Duo)
The firmware update is a small 244 kilobyte download and is designed to improve battery functionality.
Let us know how this works for you and if any changes, either positive or negative, are seen in your MacBook’s performance.


Schools Beginning to Ban iPods as Cheating-Prevention Effort

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Date: Friday, April 27th, 2007, 13:11
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School officials in Meridian, Ohio appear are taking the next step in cracking down on cheating in the classroom by banning the presence of iPods and digital media players during tests. The devices, which can be hidden under clothing with an earbud, have come into play as the next means of cheating after students have been caught text messaging answers to each other or having hints printed under the brims of their hats.
“It doesn’t take long to get out of the loop with teenagers,” said Mountain View High School Principal Aaron Maybon. “They come up with new and creative ways to cheat pretty fast.”
According to an Associated Press article on Yahoo! News, Mountain View High School has recently enacted a ban on digital media players such as the iPod when it was discovered that students had been downloading formulas and other test answers to them.
Specifically, students were found using iPod-compatible voice recorders to record test answers as song files, then load the answers onto the iPod and play them back during tests. Others had hidden answers into text files disguised as song lyrics.
“You can just thread the earbud up your sleeve and then hold it to your ear like you’re resting your head on your hand,” said 17-year-old senior Kelsey Nelson, who used to listen to her iPod after completing a test. “I think you should still be able to use iPods. People who are going to cheat are still going to cheat, with or without them.”
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Nine Inch Nails Releases GarageBand Files

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Date: Friday, April 27th, 2007, 10:15
Category: music

“Nine Inch Nails has once again released the sources in Garageband format for three of their tracks from their new album Year Zero. You can also download user-created remixes. Trent Reznor claims that he plans to release the entire album this way.”

Slashdot: NIN Releases Garageband Sources For 3 New Tracks

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Scandal! OLPC to run Windows?

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Date: Friday, April 27th, 2007, 09:43
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Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about the OLPC, Negroponte, and the Sugar interface, in comes the man himself using the “W” word in an open-sourced conversation. Curiously enough, Nik Neg has not only stated that the present is “perhaps the most critical stage of the OLPC’s life,” but he also blurted out a quasi-firm $176 pricetag that would be attached to them. Additionally, he went so far as to admit that “XO’s developers have been working with Microsoft so a version of Windows can run on the machines…”

Negroponte suggests the OLPC can support Windows, may hit US schools – Engadget

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Apple Seeking Out Flash Memory Components for Future iPod Models

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Date: Friday, April 27th, 2007, 09:34
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The transition over to additional flash-based iPods may be sooner than you’d think.
A report on DigiTimes points out that Apple and Samsung have recently held talks discussing high volume purchases of flash memory chips for use in “all iPods and iPhones” from June to the end of 2007.
According to the article, Apple is reportedly working to secure between 400 and 500 million four gigabyte flash memory chips. The order runs between 10 and 15% more than the order that Apple has already booked with Samsung and the piece cites Samsung’s apparent uncertainty that it can meet Apple’s demands. The firm is also concerned that any decline in current iPod sales or lower iPhone sales than expected, could lead to an oversupply of flash memory component and thus affect industry pricing.
According to Macworld UK, similar discussions are also being held between Apple and Hynix Semiconductor.
In this week’s second quarter financial report, Apple confirmed that the component market, including flash memory, has been favorable towards them. The company has stated that its margins will likely shrink in the third quarter as a result of climbing memory prices, a factor Hynix Semiconductor affirmed when it stated that memory prices may climb as much as 20% in the next quarter.


Google Desktop Updated to

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Date: Friday, April 27th, 2007, 08:09
Category: Software

Software and Internet search giant Google has updated its recently-released Google Desktop for Mac to version
The new version, a one megabyte download, offers the following fixes and changes:
-Speed of re-crawl (after restart) by about 20%.
-Memory use when quickly indexing a lot of data by compressing it until we can process it.
-Handling of UTF8 in Gmail.
-Support for datefrom: and dateto: query restricts.
-Display of search results when a document has been moved or renamed.
-Performance when indexing has been turned off in preferences.
-Detection of command-command key to reduce chances of activating it by accident.
-Thumbnails for image files in the Web UI.
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FTP Security Disaster with 2007-04 Update on OS X Server

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Date: Friday, April 27th, 2007, 08:00
Category: Software

Apple has caused a major disaster with the 2007-04 Security Update.
The 2007-004 Security Update replaced the ftp.plist in /System/Library/LaunchDaemons from Mac OS X server with the version from Mac OS X *Client*. There is no check in the installer if the update installs on client or Server, and it is the same update for both.
The problem this occurred is that when a client uploads something via FTP, the file permissions are wrong, and are set to -rw-r—– instead of -rw-r–r–.
Why is this a problem? My server, for example is a web server, and ever since I applied the security update 2 days ago, new files uploaded to the server would not work, resulting in this error:
You don’t have permission to access [name of file] on this server.
Apache/1.3.33 Server at Port 16080
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Dual LG Patents May Hinder Future iPhone Designs

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Date: Friday, April 27th, 2007, 08:16
Category: News

Despite the fervor and enthusiasm over Apple’s upcoming iPhone, some additional roadblocks may remain. LG Electronics has recently published a pair of patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office that may impair Apple’s ability to create future iPhone designs.
The first, entitled “Mobile Communication Terminal Having Multiple Displays” would apply the touchscreen-driven interface of the iPhone and the handset LG has created for Prada and convert this to a clamshell-shaped form according to MacNN. A second touchscreen would be installed to replace a conventional a keyboard, the device allowing data elements to be shared between the two screens.
The second patent, entitled“Mobile Terminal Providing Graphic User Interface”, would apply to how a system’s icons move and react to user input. Here, menu options would shift positions based on the current context and could react to data input beyond direct selections and interpret missing input on the user’s behalf.
Although both devices are still theoretical and have yet to be applied to LG’s Prada phone, this could alter the development path for the iPhone and future handsets.