Microsoft “Amnesty Bin” Comes to Life

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Date: Friday, May 25th, 2007, 11:36
Category: Fun

An “iPod Amnesty Bin” has surfaced over at the Microsoft Zune development headquarters. Here, a plastic bin with a photo of a green apple and the words “Bite me” have been placed out in public, employees being challenged to willingly give up their iPod players.


Per the above image via Flickr, not many have.
According to Macworld News, Apple has declined from commenting, but a spokesperson for Microsoft expressed that she felt the bin might be either a joke or a morale booster for the Zune developers.
Though the Zune player was introduced with moderate, but not overwhelming, success, Microsoft has been working up marketing campaigns around currently available units and released a pink version of the player that’s outsold its white and brown models. A new television commercial also highlights features unique to the device such as wireless song sharing and a built-in FM radio tuner. The company will also offer a “Halo”-themed Zune along with its release of “Halo 3” later this year.
Also, PowerPage would like to announce a caption contest for the Amnesty Bin photo. While we can’t guarantee cash and riches, the top five will be posted for all to see, thus gaining the respect and admiration of your fellow Mac-heads. Let’s see what you guys can come up with.
As always, your two cents about this would be appreciated.


Cool Apps Receive Timely Updates

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Date: Friday, May 25th, 2007, 10:16
Category: Software

It’s been a little while since we did a software roundup, but several incredibly useful applications have just received updates within the past few days.
Here we go:
iSale 4.1:
One of the quintessential Mac tools for eBay, iSale has been updated to version 4.1. The new version, a 57.9 megabyte download, adds the following fixes and features:
-New: Support for uploading your pictures to Picasa Web Albums.
-New: Support for new USPS shipping options.
-New: Auctions can be deleted from within groups.
-New: Auctions can be moved into groups in bulk.
-New: Auctions can be selected and deleted in bulk.
-New: A list of selected auctions can be printed.
-New: The selling date of an item is automatically added to the buyer’s Address Book entry.
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Poll: Your WWDC Wish List

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Date: Friday, May 25th, 2007, 10:11
Category: Poll

With Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference just a few weeks away, what would you guys like to see come out of the event?:

What new products would you like to see come out of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference next month?
An updated MacBook Pro with a Santa Rosa chip architecture.
An upgraded Mac Mini.
An upgraded iMac.
An Apple subnotebook.
Additional iPhone accessories.
A revamped/widescreen iPod.
Additional tools and accessories for the Apple TV.
I want a pony. More than anything in this world.


Review: Spire Torq Backpack

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Date: Friday, May 25th, 2007, 10:00
Category: Luggage

Most of you know by now that I’m something of a bag-o-holic. It’s probably because I’m so attached to my MacBook Pro and because I take it everywhere but regardless, I really dig bags or all shapes and sizes. One bag I’m currently digging is the Torq (US$170) backpack from Spire.
Spire is a bunch of admitted computer geeks with a passion for both outdoor gear and tech gear – and that comes through in their products. Torq improves upon two of Spire’s popular backpacks the Volt XL and Meta by adding capacity, comfort and additional protection.


The Torq is a killer backpack that’s well padded and safely carriers a 15 to 17-inch notebook and a bunch of other gear. It’s split into three main compartments for: accessories, laptop and books/clothing. I recently loaded the Spire up with my MBP 15-inch and all its accessories (power supply, mouse, cables, CoolPad, ExpressCard, etc.) and still had enough room to bring my current raft of reading (three magazines and two books) and a weekend’s worth of clothes thanks to the expanding compartments.
The Spire’s dedicated notebook compartment offers a lot of protection thanks to the included Vertical Boot notebook sleeve. The sleeve has a Ballistic nylon exterior, Velcro flap, quarter-inch closed-cell padding on all six sides and a rear pocket can store thin folders or documents. The sleeve can be removed and used separately thanks to the built-in D-rings, shoulder strap and reinforced top handle.


Torq also features a strong load-bearing padded waist belt which can be hidden when not in use, a bevy of external and interior pockets, light colored interior, key clip and dual side mesh water bottle pockets. Colors include blue (pictured), red, black and gray.
Although it may be a little large for the 13.3-inch MacBook, the Spire Torq is a perfect fit for either the 15 or 17-inch MacBook Pro. If you’re looking for a backpack to carry your MBP, the Torq Spire is worth looking into.


Apple Notebook Sales Jump 94% for April

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Date: Friday, May 25th, 2007, 08:24
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Apple’s laptop retail sales jumped 94% for the month of April according to an NPD report.
For the full story, check out Jason O’Grady’s Apple Core web blog and if you have an opinion, we’d love to hear it.


PowerPage Podcast Episode 44

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Date: Friday, May 25th, 2007, 01:31
Category: Podcast

PowerPage Podcast LogoEpisode 44 of the PowerPage Podcast is now available. You can either download it from the iTunes Store or directly (58’07, 20.7MB, AAC).
Your panel: Jason O’Grady, Rob Parker, and Chris Barylick.
Topics include: the class action action lawsuit over MacBook displays and the potential for new MacBook Pros and iMacs at WWDC.
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Thank you to The Tragically Hip for allowing us use their music in the podcast. Check out their new album World Container in stores now.