Parallels Desktop for Mac 3.0 En Route

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Date: Friday, June 1st, 2007, 07:21
Category: News

On Thursday, Parallels announced the upcoming version of its virtualization software, Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac.
According to Macworld News, the upcoming version will sport additional 3D gaming support and add a new feature called SmartSelect, which will allow users to open any file on either the Mac OS X or Windows operating system with an application designed for either operating system. This feature is meant to function alongside Parallels’ Coherence feature which allows users to opern Windows applications directly from Mac OS X.
Similar to Apple’s upcoming Time Machine feature in Mac OS X 10.5, Parallels Desktop for Mac 3.0 will feature a “Snapshots” feature that can store various virtual machine state and allow users to flip back to previous states as needed. Isolation and integration are controlled using the VM Sentry program and the new version will allow users to make their virtual environments read-only if desired. The company is also including a six month trial of viral and spyware protection programs.
Parallels Desktop for Mac is currently at a final candidate stage and is being tested through a closed beta. The final version is expected within a few weeks and will retail for US$79.99 with upgrades being available for US$49.99. A reduced upgrade price of US$39.99 is now being offered through June 6th, 2007.