Macintosh 2.0

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Date: Monday, July 2nd, 2007, 13:15
Category: iPhone

If the iPhone is version 2.0 of the Macintosh computer, then the 4GB iPhone is the second coming of the original 128k Macintosh. Product reviews seem to bear this out: The iPhone is phenomenal, while falling short. A vision of the future, hampered by the constraints of current technology.
The iPod was doomed to the same slow death as the PDA. Almost everyone carries a mobile phone and increasingly, they can do it all. Horrid little convergence devices that live in your pocket. Connected to a network with operating systems that remind me of the screen menus built into my TV set.
Enter the iPhone: iPDA, iCamera, iWebrowser and iPod. It is the handheld computer that Microsoft could not envision. Just like the original Macintosh, it is running well out on the edge of the curve teetering on a technological reality that barely meets the requirements. Cellular network speed, fixed battery and memory all stretched to the limit. It’s the screen baby, supported by an intuitive touch interface and slick animated graphics. Crack one open and it is nearly one third battery. The remaining two thirds are just pure magic.


Five Free iPhones Being Given Away in Upcoming Contests

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Date: Monday, July 2nd, 2007, 12:45
Category: iPhone

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Jason Calacanis, the CEO and co-founder of Weblogs, Inc., has just posted that he’s come into possession of no less than five eight gigabyte iPhones to give away in upcoming contests.
The contests themselves are currently up in the air and he’s taking suggestions via his web site.
Take a look and see what you think.
Also, standing at the end of his driveway waving torches and pitchforks isn’t a valid (or legal) option, so you might have to think of a plan b.


Multi-Touch On MacBooks In October

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Date: Monday, July 2nd, 2007, 11:45
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Back on June 20, I reported that there’d be new, slimmer MacBooks coming in October that along with being made from new materials would also feature some “speeds and feeds” updates to the internal components. Today, another “trusted source” told us this was correct and added that the iPhone’s multi-touch technology is theoretically supposed to roll out with all the new laptops, including those coming out in October. The feature will be built into the touchpads, allowing you to navigate through your notebook’s files, applications, etc. the same way you can on the iPhone.

CrunchGear :: Multi-Touch On MacBooks In October

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Manufacturers Unveil New iPhone Cases

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Date: Monday, July 2nd, 2007, 09:29
Category: iPhone

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The iPhone has arrived.
And with it, a variety of accessories, peripherals and companion products.
According to Macworld News, three companies unveiled the following new cases for iPhone:
-Leather Folio: A US$39.95 case made of ballistic nylon and a nappa leather exterior with a custom leather interior. The unit includes a belt or strap attachment and “push-through” hole for headphone access.
-Fitted Sleeve: A US$34.95 leather case with a suede interior. The Fitted Sleeve is available in black, brown and pink colors.
-Sport Case: A US$34.95 case featuring an adjustable velcro armband, neoprene hand strap and belt attachment. The case also includes a camera lens opening, direct access to the iPhone’s screen controls and access to the dock connector.
Protective Cover: A US$29.95 form-fitting rubber slipcase for the iPhone. The Protective Cover is available in red, blue and black colors.
-Anaconda 5: A US$44.95 case made from ballistic nylon, the unit features neoprene and is lined with scratch-resistant material. The Anaconda 5 can attach to a belt loop, backpack or laptop bag via a velcro latch.
-Sport Armband: A US$29.99 neoprene case. The Sport Armband is machine washable, available in black and gray and includes a pocket for key or earbud storage.
-Slim-Fit: A US$29.99 leather case with a removable belt clip. The Slim-Fit allows an iPhone to be removed through a mesh base and also features a padded exterior for additional protection.
-Acrylic Case: A US$29.99 hard, acrylic case that allows for full access to an iPhone’s keys, ports and screens. The Acrylic Case also includes a belt clip that can serve as a kick stand for video viewing.


Perian 1.0 Released

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Date: Monday, July 2nd, 2007, 08:13
Category: Software

Late Friday, the Perian team released version 1.0 of Perian, the open-source QuickTime components effort that allows QuickTime to support and play a variety of additional formats beyond what it would normally be able to handle.
The new version makes the following fixes and changes:
-Added support for Matroska/mkv.
-Integrated a52codec.
-Added subtitle support.
-Added support for .gvi (avi wrapper from Google Video).
-Changed distribution to a Preference Pane in order to make installation simpler and configuration possible in the long term.
-Changed installation directory from /Library/QuickTime to ~/Library/QuickTime.
-Fixed avi/flv over http.
-Added support for Windows Media Audio in AVI.
-Added support for MPEG-1 layer 2 audio.
-Added support for the ADPCM audio codec in FLV.
-Added Vorbis decoder.
-Added support for Fraps FPS1.
-Added support for VP3.
-Added support for i263.
-Added support for HuffYUV.
-Added support for MPEG-1/2 video in AVI/MKV.
-Fix opening AVIs with VBR audio for which there is no available decoder.
-Fix crash with DVI ADPCM.
-Fix multichannel audio descriptions in AVI.
-Faster opening of AVI files.
-High profile H.264 support.
-Full MPEG-4 video support in .mp4.
-Altivec & SSE2 colorspace conversion.
-Fix DV in type 1 AVIs.
Perian is a 2.2 megabyte download and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later to run.
If you’ve tried the new version and have either positive or negative feedback about it, let us know.


First iPhone Drop and Scratch Test Results Emerge

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Date: Monday, July 2nd, 2007, 08:40
Category: iPhone

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You’ve had your iPhone for three days now and things are looking up. The device is still shiny and life is good.
You may have even been spotted skipping.
Of course, that good feeling tends to come to an end when your cool new item meets gravity, which then introduces it to the ground at 9.8 meters per second squared, either scratching the cool new item or rendering it non-functional.
The guys over at PC World recently put together a short video simulating several tests the iPhone can go through, such as rubbing up against change and keys in your pocket, short drops onto carpet and linoleum and longer drops onto a concrete surface.
Click the link to find out how the iPhone did and if you have any iPhone drop stories of your own to share, please let us know.