Bexy Ships iMirror Wireless Remote for iPod

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Date: Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007, 13:19
Category: iPod

In other news, accessory manufacturer Bexy has shipped its iMirror wireless remote control docking station.
According to Electronista, the iMirror is designed to both play music as well as interact with the rest of an entertainment system. The user operates the iMirror via a remote control that controls both the iPod and surrounding components (such as a tv, speakers or receiver), the iMirror displaying information back via an LCD display.
Once docked for the first time, the iMirror will load the iPod’s title information to the remote control and allow for operation within a range of 150 feet.
The iMirror’s docking station is compatible with most dockable iPod models and features S-video, RCA stereo, and line-in inputs as well as an earphone jack and mini-USB port that allows for iTunes synchronization.
The iMirror retails for US$150 and will be on store shelves this September.
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Apple Chooses European Providers for iPhone

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Date: Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007, 08:07
Category: iPhone

If you were curious as to which providers Apple would go with per its upcoming European release of the iPhone, the vote is in.
On Tuesday, sources told the Financial Times that a deal was signed between T-Mobile of Germany, Orange of France and O2 in England. According to the article, the three operators will hand over 10% of the revenues made from calls and data transfers through iPhone traffic.
The operators are stated to officially announce the partnerships at the IFA trade fair in Berlin at the end of August, although T-Mobile, Orange and O2 declined to comment as of yesterday.
The iPhone is currently slated to launch in Europe this autumn to the UK, French and German markets with further European and an Asian rollout taking place in 2008.
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iPhone 1.0.2 Update Released

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Date: Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007, 08:09
Category: Software

Late Tuesday, Apple released iPhone Update 1.0.2, the second major firmware update for its popular iPhone handset.
The new software, which can be downloaded by connecting the iPhone to your Mac or PC, selecting the iPhone in iTunes and clicking the “Update” button, is a 3.7 megabyte download and applies the following cryptic changes according to Apple: ‚Äúthis version of the software includes bug fixes and supersedes all previous versions.‚Äù
According to iPhone Atlas, the update erases hacks, forcing the code into a recovery and then restoration mode, thereby removing non-Apple-sanction modifications as well as third-party installed applications.
This feat is accomplished via a validation process performed on the iPhone. If the validation fails, the iPhone then moves into recovery and restoration mode, prompting iTunes to download a 92 megabyte version of the 1.0.2 software update to bring the iPhone in line with the current software revision.
Albeit Apple has been vague about specific fixes, some iPhone Atlas readers have reported a significantly louder maximum volume on the device. Other users have reported that the iPhone version of Safari (or MobileSafari) now smoothly scrolls pages as they’re loading, where before scrolling on a still-loading page had been jerky or nonexistent.
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iPhone Unlock Achieved Through Hardware Workaround

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Date: Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007, 07:10
Category: Hack

A group working to unlock the iPhone and thus allow it to run on wireless carriers outside of AT&T is claiming success. Contributors to the Finding JTAG blog are citing a successful unlock of the iPhone via a “hardware hack”. According to iPhone Alley, the hack involves removing a piece of hardware that’s temporarily installed in the iPhone that is temporarily installed into the iPhone during the time involved in unlocking the handset. Once the hardware is removed, the iPhone can function normally using any wireless carrier’s SIM card.
The group has provided the following YouTube video as a means of proving the group’s claim and demonstrating the hack in action as a successfully unlocked iPhone accesses the T-Mobile network:

The group has also stated that while their hack currently involves removing hardware through taking apart the iPhone and soldering certain components, they hope to have a software version available soon as well as instructions for the hack posted next Tuesday.
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