Parallels Desktop for Mac Build 5120 Beta Released

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Date: Monday, August 27th, 2007, 08:56
Category: Software

Late Friday, virtualization software maker Parallels released Parallels Desktop for Mac 3.0 build 5060. The new build, an 87.1 megabyte download (courtesy of VersionTracker), offers the following fixes and enhancements:
-Automatically file sharing between the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.
-Improved Coherence feature wherein a Windows application can also be minimized into Mac OS X’s Dock.
-Modified Shared Folders feature wherein Windows’ “My Documents” folder displays the same contents as Mac OS X’s home folder.
Parallels Desktop for Mac 3.0 requires an Intel-based Mac and Mac OS X 10.4 or later to run. The software retails for US$79.99.
If you’ve tried the newest build and have either positive or negative feedback, let us know in the comments or forums.


New Jersey Teen Unlocks iPhone

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Date: Monday, August 27th, 2007, 07:08
Category: iPhone

Back when I was 17, I spent my summer vacation working in a Burger King in Fall River, Massachusetts by a 400 degree machine that spat grease and fired compressed, heated steam at my polyester-clad self. It was about then that I realized I never wanted to do this again and that I felt really bad trying to push Disney’s “Pocahontas” merchandise on people.
George Hotz had a different experience. A 17-year-old Glen Rock, New Jersey resident, became the second person to unlock Apple’s iPhone and use it on an alternate wireless network from AT&T, in this case T-Mobile.
According to the Associated Press, Hotz commented that the unlocking takes about two hours and involves an amount of soldering according to his blog.
Hotz was able to confirm the hack by installing a reporter’s SIM card inside the iPhone and placing a call on the T-Mobile network using the reporter’s account.
With regard to instructions for people looking to unlock their own iPhones, Hotz has posted early versions on his blog, but cautions that the hack is complicated, requires skill with both soldering and software and that missteps may render the iPhone useless.
Neither Apple or AT&T have provided comments regarding the unlock and Hotz has stated that neither company has been in touch with him.
Hotz’s hack leaves most of the iPhone’s functions intact, but disables the visual voicemail feature.
Unlocking a cell phone falls into strange legal territory and last year the Library of Congress specifically excluded cell-phone unlocking from the coverage of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Hotz himself stated that he spent about 500 hours on the project since the iPhone became available, working with a wider community over the Internet.
“Some of my friends think I wasted my summer but I think it was worth it,” he told The Record of Bergen County, which reported Hotz’s hack Friday.
Hotz heads for college on Saturday. He plans to major in neuroscience at the Rochester Institute of Technology.


Was the iPhone 1.0.2 Firmware Update Helpful?

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Date: Friday, August 24th, 2007, 15:30
Category: Poll

Apple shipped the second major firmware update for the iPhone this week, specifying few, if any fixes in the process and leaving many users to find whether or not it would be an improvement for them.
Let us know how it went for you:

Was the iPhone 1.0.2 Firmware Update Helpful?
The update took care of all my problems.
The update took care of some of my problems.
I still have the same problems.
The update created new problems.
The update added some cool new features.
The hack/mod scene is providing better fixes for the iPhone than Apple.
I’m waiting a few more days before installing it.
I’m returning my iPhone.
You’ll find me waving a torch and a pitchfork outside Apple headquarters.

Stay tuned for more iPhone news as it emerges and if you have any thoughts or feedback, let us know in the comments or forums.


Apple in Talks Regarding South Korean iPhone Provider

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Date: Friday, August 24th, 2007, 14:59
Category: iPhone

On Friday, South Korean mobile service provider KT Freetel announced that it’s currently in negotiations with Apple to act as an iPhone carrier.
According to CNN Money, the deal, like Apple’s deal with AT&T in America, would provide a contract in which KT Freetel would be the exclusive wireless carrier for the iPhone in the country.
Apple is in simultaneous negotiations with several cell phone carriers in Europe with plans to extend to these markets in the final months of 2007. The company has stated that it plans to bring the phone to Asian markets sometime in 2008.
Got an opinion on this or how Apple should proceed into the Asian markets? Let us know over in the comments or forums.


Apple to Hold Special Event September 5th?

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Date: Friday, August 24th, 2007, 13:39
Category: Rumor

It came from Rumorville: The guys over at Electronista have received a report that Apple may unveil a new line of iPods in the first week of September. The following picture, which surfaced earlier this week shows what could be the first of the new iPod nano series.
The picture has also drawn attention form Apple’s legal team, which has asked various web sites to remove the image:


Apple has historically held new product events on Tuesdays, but may have rescheduled the event to synch with the long Labor Day weekend.
If you have any thoughts or feedback on this, let us know in the comments or forums.


Two iPods and a Mic-ro-phone

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Date: Friday, August 24th, 2007, 11:43
Category: iPod

The iSpin is a mixer that uses two docked iPods as inputs, and provides a range of effects like reverb, flange, hi/low pass filter and scratching sounds. While this would be fine for some DJs, it won’t suit everyone because you can’t beat-match with it.

Two IPods?: iSpin ‘eTurntable’ Lets you DJ With iPods – Gizmodo

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Seagate to Manufacture Solid-State Hard Drives in 2008

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Date: Friday, August 24th, 2007, 08:09
Category: hard drive

On Thursday, hard drive manufacturer Seagate announced plans to include solid-state drives based on flash memory to its line of products in 2008.
According to Macworld News, the company will deploy a range of products for both desktop and notebook computers at varying storage capacities.
Solid-state drives, also known as SSDs, use flash memory as opposed to magnetic disks to store data. The format offers various advantages over magnetic hard drives in that the flash memory can retain stored information when the power is off, are lighter, consume less power and are more rugged (and thus ideal for laptops and mobile devices). The drives, currently a new technology, are presently more expensive than standard IDE or SATA hard drives with flash memory component prices still in flux.
Seagate currently manufactures a hybrid drive via its Momentus 5400 PSD model that combines flash memory with magnetic disks. The company has cited improved read time and shortened computer boot times. The Momentus 5400 PSD is available in capacities up to 160 gigabytes and is intended for use in laptop models.
This January, Seagate joined an industry alliance of storage vendors promoting hybrid hard drive technologies including Hitachi, Fujitsu, Samsung and Toshiba.
Future drive models, details and prices have yet to be announced.
Stay tuned to the PowerPage for more information as it becomes available and if you have some ideas or feedback, let us know in the comments or forums.


Guides to Loading NES ROMs to iPhone Posted

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Date: Friday, August 24th, 2007, 08:25
Category: iPhone

The iPhone remains unassailably cool these days and a new, playable Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for the device doesn’t hurt either. iPhoneNES, which has been demonstrated as a proof-of-concept, has been updated from version 0.01 to a release candidate and can be downloaded as a binary release or in source code form.
For people looking to get iPhoneNES up and running on their iPhone and load NES ROMs onto the device, Gizmodo has posted a full guide as to how to load the ROMs via FTP of all things.
Keep in mind that a few pieces of software will need to be initially installed, chief among them being the recently-famous A similar set of instructions has also been published via heart attacked’s instructions over at the iPhoneAlley forums.
It’s tinkering and once again, it’s the kind of change that the next iPhone firmware update is going to hate and perhaps wipe out, but it’s still classic Nintendo on your iPhone. That being said, good luck and have at it.
If you have any suggestions or ideas regarding this, let us know in the comments or forums.


AT&T to Abandon Line-Item Paper Phone Bills

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Date: Friday, August 24th, 2007, 07:53
Category: iPhone

In response to customer complaints about excessively long and detailed phone bills, including the infamous YouTube video in which blogger Justine Ezarik received not just a phone bill, but a FedEx package containing a 300 page itemized bill, AT&T has stated that it will remove itemized detailing for future bills.
According to Macworld UK, AT&T sent along the following text message to current iPhone owners: “We are simplifying your paper bill, removing itemized detail. To view all detail, go to Still need full paper bill? Call 611.”
AT&T spokeman Mark Siegel pointed out that the company has always offered a summary bill, although users could choose to hang a line-item bill sent along. A third alternative of a pure online bill has also been offered in which users could view their usage details as well.
The company has stated that it’ll be changing the default billing option for iPhone users. New iPhone users who’d like a detailed paper bill will be charged US$1.99 a month per phone line. Current iPhone users who’d like to make changes to their existing account(s) will be charged US$1.99 for the detailed paper bill after September 28th.
If you’ve seen the text message for the billing change appear on your iPhone or have an opinion or feedback about the situation, let us know in the comments or forums.


Sonnet Announces FireWire/USB ExpressCard/34 for 10.5-Based MacBook Pro Laptops

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Date: Thursday, August 23rd, 2007, 14:10
Category: MacBook Pro

Sonnet Technology has announced that it will be releasing its FireWire/USB ExpressCard/34 peripheral for Mac OS X 10.5-equipped MacBook Pro notebooks this October.
The card, which works with the ExpressCard/34 slot found on Apple’s MacBook Pro laptops, features one USB 2.0 port and two FireWire 400 ports. Sonnet has announced a US$69.95 price tag for the device.
If you have any thoughts or feedback on this, please let us know in the comments or forums.