This Is Only A Test

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Date: Saturday, April 11th, 2009, 17:08
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I’m using strongMarsEdit/strong to help troubleshoot some editor issues I have been seeing with the new strongPowerPage/strong web site. I have noticed that there are occasionally some link issues, at least with MarsEdit, which I may have to bring up with the developer.

img src=”” alt=”ResizedImage368447-Journalism.jpg” border=”0″ width=”100″ height=”121″ align=”right” /

The trick now is to see if the tags and image links work correctly with alignment, etc. One of the advantages of a href=””WordPress/a is the ability to use offline editors like MarsEdit.

There have been a couple of updates to MarsEdit recently which might have improved compatibility with WordPress 2.7, so maybe emthat/em will solve all the issues.