Apple revises terms of One to One service plan, installs 60 day deadline for data migration

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Date: Monday, April 22nd, 2013, 07:15
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You know Apple’s One to One service, available for US$99 with the purchase of a new Mac?

Well, there are now some new provisos.

Per ZDNet, the service terms now state that data migration is available only in the first 60 days (previously 12 months), transfer must be by wired means (no more Wi-Fi transfers), only hardware bought with the Mac will be installed (previously any hardware) and staff will now ‘assist’ with installation of software purchased during training sessions (previously they’d install it for you).

Beyond that, you’re sorta on your own…

Apple offers support to Sichuan Yaan earthquake victims (updated)

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Date: Monday, April 22nd, 2013, 07:54
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If you want to help the earthquake victims in China, here’s your chance.

Per 9to5Mac, Apple has updated its official China website homepage to offer its respect and sympathy following the disastrous magnitude 7.0 earthquake that has affected the country over the past few days.

The acknowledgement present on Apple’s site reads as follows:

“Our deepest condolences to those who were taken away by the Sichuan Yaan earthquake, and respect to all the rescuers. May those who have passed away rest in peace, and may the survivors stay strong.”

The company has also offered a statement that pledges cash donations and new Apple devices to help schools that have been affected:

“In this difficult time our hearts are with the Sichuan earthquake victims. In addition to cash donations to help the victims ride out the storm, we will also commit to donating brand new Apple equipment to some of the schools in the affected region, and the local Apple staff will be on standby to provide support.”

Apple has reportedly pledged 50 million Yuan in total.

Update: The company has reportedly pledged US$8,000,000 in disaster relief funding following the earthquake, which, as of the current count, has left 186 people dead and thousands injured.