20/20 Report on Cell Phone Radiation

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Last night 20/20, ABCs television news magazine, aired a controversial episode on the danger of using cell phones. According to Dr. George Carlo, Director of Wireless Technology Research, there is “direct evidence of possible harm from cellular phones.” Dr. Carlo previously ran a US$25 Million, 6 year research project for the cellular telephone industry. After concluding that cell phones were unsafe he blew the whistle on the industry. According to the 20/20 episode preliminary studies indicate that cell phones can cause lukemia and brain tumors.

Thomas Wheeler, president of the cellular trade association, said that nothing has come up in research of cellular phone safety and that there is a preponderance of evidence that no link exists between cell phone use and brain tumors.

In ABC tests for the 20/20 episode 4 out of 5 cell phones that were tested exceed FCC limits on radiation emitted from the phone. ABC tested 5 phones in analog mode: Motorola MicroTac Lite XL, Motorola StarTac, Nokia 6160, Nokia 636, and the Ericsson AH618. The StarTac scored the lowest in the radiation emissions tests because of the position of the antenna.

We invite you to make your own conclusions, but a recommendation from the show is to limit your exposure to radiation by using a hands-free microphone/earpiece unit while talking on your cell phone. Keeping the antenna tip away from your head appears to be the best way to limit your exposure to radiation generated by the phone.


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