3G Not Looking Good For Macs

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Date: Tuesday, March 12th, 2002, 00:00
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After Verizon recently unveiled their 3G wireless service in select markets, with Sprint soon to follow, I inquired about the availability of the Aircard 550 or 555 by Sierra Wireless to use with my TiBook. This is the response I got from Sierra:

I am not aware of any plans to develop Mac drivers for any sierra Wireless products.

Technical Support

Are we going to take this? Shall we be marginalized any longer? Or are we a legitimate, influential, and (for them) profitable market? We are Mac users and we will not go quietly into the night (without our wireless access), we will not go down without a fight for equal OS support.

If 3G is important to you on your Mac drop them a line at support@SierraWireless.com.

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