3GSM World Congress: Microsoft's Me-Too Mobile 'Strategy'

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Date: Tuesday, February 19th, 2002, 09:48
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Microsoft is unveiling its own mobile strategy in Cannes, France, at the 3GSM World Congress. Cnet reports that Microsoft, Intel, and TI have unveiled blueprints for future cell phones and handheld computer phones that could act as reference designs for the industry, making the phone industry more like the PC clone industry. Microsoft/Intel domination? Slowed rates of innovation? Cloned designs? Sign me up!

Not so fast — Microsoft still lacks any actual products, a pattern we’ve seen in other me-too Microsoft “strategy” announcements. The only actual product Microsoft has is a Phone Edition application for the Pocket PC platform, and just one manufacturer, HP, even has a product ready to use it, while Handspring’s Treo 180 is already shipping. And among cell manufacturers, only Samsung has promised support for Microsoft’s smart phone, while Sony’s Ericsson and Nokia have already launched phones running on UK’s Symbian technology.

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