A Call to Arms – Distributed.net RC5 Challenge

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Date: Wednesday, June 26th, 2002, 16:16
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 WIDTH= A Call to Arms to encourage Mac participation in the RC5-cracking contest at distributed.net. The Mac OS client software is AltiVec optimized, giving us a huge advantage over other chips. Got G4? See here:

  • Distributed.net RC5 scores (million keys/sec.)
  • Intel P4/2600 (overclocked) = 4.9
  • AMD K7/1600 (stock) = 5.7
  • Moto G4/800 (stock) = 8.3
  • Moto G4/1000DP = 21.1

Check the overall stats here. The main Mac group “Evangelistas” (team #366) is languishing in 6th place overall. We used to rule! We could easily move ahead of the Slashdot geeks with a couple more G4/1000’s and a few iMacs 🙂 This is the home stretch!

Get the Crunching Cows GUI front-end for the RC5 OS X client from here.

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