A Follow-up on SETI@Home's Recent Troubles

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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It looks like SETI@home’s recent problems may be behind them. Late yesterday, Berkeley announced that their new servers are online. Here’s the description from their Technical News page:

June 26, 2001
For the past few weeks we were having problems with the new web server connecting to our database. This is why user/team stats pages were being generated by a secondary web server.

This afternoon we brought down the data server briefly and rebooted the two web servers to fix this problem. The actual fix required us having to fall back to an older version of the Solaris operating system. And so far, so good. We are letting these changes incubate for a day before calling the operation a success.

The responsiveness is much improved when requesting individual and team stats. You should check your saved bookmark/favorite for your individual stats…the link now contains a slightly different cgi reference. The link to “View Recently Completed Work Units” still doesn’t work.

Based on a quick analysis, the last two weeks of S@H server outages probably affected your ability to view stats much more than your work unit production. The analysis shows that about 80% of the Top 250 on Team Go2Mac crunched work units at approximately the same rate in June as they averaged in May.

You can get more SETI@home news and Team Go2Mac stats and analysis at the team’s stats site.

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