A Hot Summer for Mac Gaming

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Trying to find new and creative ways to pass those gruelling hot, summer days? Well, if your into gaming, this summer you ought to be spending a good deal of that time in from of your Mac. According to the Macgamers’ Ledge, space strategy fans can expect to see Blizzard’s StarCraft Expansion Set, Brood Wars by the end of the month. Maxis is now accepting pre-orders for the summer release of their people-doing-things simulation SimCity 3000 on the Mac. Among other big names coming soon: Aliens vs. Predator, Logicware’s port of the Fox Interactive game to be released virtually simultaneously on the Mac; Logicware’s port of Quake II,being release not quite simultaneously, as it were;Interplay’s port of Descent III; and Terminal Reality’s eagerly awaited flight sim, Fly

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