A Straight-Up Exchange

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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We met outside his busy office on Wall Street. I had driven up from Philadelphia that morning, and would return the same afternoon. I had never seen him before. He had a black saddlebag with him, I had a tiny blue bag slung over my right shoulder. In my left arm I cradled my 2-year-old son, fast asleep. Roland and I shook hands, and then we walked to an Archive coffee shop (okay, it was a Starbucks). I believe that Roland bought our drinks. We sat down, and he handed me his bag. I discretely placed my bag next to his chair. My son slept on, oblivious. The moment had come; it was time to close the deal. I opened the case he had given me and pulled out–a PowerBook. In the other bag? Another PowerBook. […more]

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