A Surprise in Store For Some Trade-Up Customers

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Some lucky readers that capitalized on our story about the PowerBook 5300 trade-up for a 300 MHz PowerBook G3 Series from Apple received a special prize when their Wallstreet arrived. According to one reader:

I ordered a 5300 trade-up for a 300MHz G3, and at the time I asked if I could pay a bit more and get the DVD version. I was told that these were all pre-configured and that customizing was not possible.

Today I got my 300MHz G3 and was surprised to find it is completely DVD-capable: it has the DVD drive and the DVD card. I’m watching “The Avengers” on it right now. And no increase in price.

Don’t know what this means, other than that sometimes life doesn’t stink!

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