The PowerPage has been publishing daily mobile technology news and opinion since December 1995. The PowerPage is the second Mac blog (the first is Rick Ford’s Macintouch) and both predate the term “blog” which was popularized in in 1996 or 1997 — depending on your source.

It was founded in December of 1995 when Jason O’Grady was troubleshooting a problem with an Apple PowerBook 5300ce and a Global Village PC card modem. After finding the solution to the problem he posted it on a Web site called “O’Grady’s 5300 Power Page.” At the time there was a vacuum of information dedicated to PowerBooks after both MacWorld and MacUser magazines stopped publishing a dedicated PowerBook section of the book.

Since then the PowerPage has published under several names including Go2Mac.com and has had several spin-offs in the late 90′s including NoBeige.com and PalmLounge.com. The PowerPage has be served by numerous software applications over the years including MacHTTP, WebStar, ColdFusion, Web Objects, Movable Type and a couple in between.


Jason D. O’Grady, Editor-In-Chief

Jason D. O'GradyJason’s first Apple computer was a Macintosh 128k although he used a Lisa before that.

Since taking a liking to the Mac at an early age, Jason’s written for many Macintosh trade magazines over the year including Macworld, MacWEEK and MacPower (Japan). He has also contributed to the 8th and 9th editions of The Mac Bible by Peachpit Press.

Jason currently writes for ZDNet on the Apple Core blog covering the latest Apple news and technology.

Jason is also the author of several books including: The Nexus One Pocket Guide, The Droid Pocket Guide, The Google Phone Pocket Guide, The Garmin nüvi Pocket Guide (Peachpit Press), Corporations That Changed The World, Apple, Inc. (Greenwood Press).

Jason has been a guest on ABC, NBC, NPR and BBC News and featured in The New York TimesWall Street Journal and USA Today.

When he’s not blogging about Apple Jason loves to wakeboard and snowboard. He’s also a DJ specializing in deep and progressive house.

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Chris Barylick, Managing Editor

Chris BarylickAlbeit still somewhat fascinated by his side-scrolling Microsoft mouse on several levels, Chris has written for several publications including Macworld, MacAddict, the Washington Post-Los Angeles Times news wire and the Washington Post.

A 22 year veteran of the Mac, Chris has lived and breathed the hardware and software for most of his life, despite two hard drives that weren’t smoking and on fire before he got his hands on them. Chris’ core interests lie in mobile technologies, new capabilities for the Mac OS X operating system, Apple hardware and video games.

An aspiring standup comedian, Chris has been involved in the D.C. standup comedy scene since January, 2005 and has formed The Geek Comedy Tour 3000, a nerd-based comedy troupe that probably knows more about video games and comic books than most women find to be attractive…


Rob Parker, Podcaster

Rob ParkerRob Parker is Head JackBall at ParkerDigital, a small but powerful video and film outfit with world headqueaters in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Rob has won several prestigeous and semi-self-important awards including three Emmys and a bunch of other garbage.

On Sundays in the fall, Rob can be seen risking life and limb as he lays to celluloid the exploits of angry, 300-pound men wearing plastic weaponry. Such is the life of an NFL Films cinematographer.

In 1999, Rob and Jason formed the Philadelphia PowerBook User’s Group (PPUG), a mobile-centric Macintosh fraternity that meets quarterly for booze, vittles and gadgetry. Rob lives with his lovely and talented wife Lisa and their equally lovely and talented Brittany Spaniel named Wembley.


Chuck Freedman, Podcaster

Chuck Freedman

Chuck lives in the suburbs of Detroit and has been an Apple Computer enthusiast since his parents bought him a birthday gift of a shiny Apple IIC when he was in high school. In college, Chuck began to realize that his trusty Apple II wasn’t quite up to the task, and so in early 1991 he picked up an original Mac LC – his love affair with the Mac began

Today, Chuck is a Senior Technical Analyst for the Mac Support team at JWT Detroit. He has been there since 1998 doing the setup, configuration and support of nearly 350 Mac creative users throughout North America. Chuck has also been an outspoken part of the company’s Global Creative Technical forum.

Chuck spends considerable volunteer time supporting the members of MacGroup Detroit, the Detroit area’s largest Mac User Group. He frequently contributes articles to MacGroup’s magazine, MacNews.


Youngmoo Kim, Podcaster

Youngmoo KimYoungmoo is a professor at Drexel University in Electrical and Computer Engineering whose research focuses on audio and music technologies. He received his PhD from the MIT Media Lab and has also served on the MPEG audio technical committee.

Some other past gigs have included time (well) spent as a software engineer at Digidesign (maker of the ProTools digital audio platform) and more recently at Nellymoser, Inc. working on audio technologies for console video games and mobile entertainment. Youngmoo’s been an Apple user since the Apple ][+ and uses Macs extensively for his research and audio production.


Shaun Redmond, Podcaster

Shaun RedmondShaun is the Manager of Information Services and Technology for the Wellington Catholic District School Board in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. The district stands at the forefront of technology with a well developed fiber optic WAN infrastructure connecting 20 schools and 8,000 students.

Shaun has experience as a Systems Engineer in higher education and corporate environments and is the President of the Ontario Catholic School Business Officials Association. Mobile technology has always been a passion all the way back to the PowerBook 100.


Joshua Simmons, Contributing Editor

Joshua Simmons lives in Southern California and moved there shortly after graduating from James Madison University in Virginia. He has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design, and is currently seeking full-time work in Los Angeles while working on various freelance projects. You can view some of his work at www.fatedeyes.net.

Naturally, being a designer, Joshua has long since been an Apple fan and does all of his work from his iMac. But even greater than his passion for all things Apple, is his obsession with video games. With the advent of Mac gaming thanks to Steam for Mac by Valve and mobile gaming on his iPhone, he can now enjoy both of his hobbies at once.


Tom Hesser, Site Admin, Podcaster, and Contributing Writer/Reviewer

Tom Hesser lives in San Francisco, California and is the “West Coast Correspondant” for the Powerpage Podcast. He has been a Mac technician for the last 15 years or so, and has been an Apple fanboy since his first Mac, a IIci. Tom became a fan of the Powerpage after buying his second Mac, a Powerbook 180c, which he still owns along with a lot of other old Apple devices with which he someday hopes to display as a museum exhibit.

Tom helps keeps the site running and up to date, as well as contributing software and hardware reviews. He also has his own site and podcast at caregiverhints.com, where he relates his experiences having been a parental caregiver in the hopes others can make a smoother transition to the caregiver role.


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