Adium 1.5 Final is Here, Ultimate AIM Client

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Date: Wednesday, February 20th, 2002, 08:40
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You’ve already had to listen to us rave about Adam Iser’s free OS X AIM client Adium. And that was just in its 1.4 version. In 1.5, the software tips the scale from must-see to can’t-live-without (though users of services other than AIM should still check out Fire or Proteus). Adium features powerful handling of multiple windows (the kind that didn’t kill Be), including the ability to place all windows into a single tabbed interface, customizable dock icons and sounds, detailed dock notification (find out who just logged on or IMed you), and, in a major relief to weary X users, control over dock bouncing (turn it off or have it bounce just once). All this in a gorgeous anti-aliased, slim package that’s gentle on CPU cycles, banner ad free, and costs nothing. 1.4 users, check out improved text rendering and major dock icon improvements.

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