Aerie to Breathe New Life Into Ricochet Network

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Date: Tuesday, December 11th, 2001, 00:23
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Did you love Ricochet’s 128 Kbps wireless networking? Did you spend money on Metricom hardware only to have them fold in August leaving you high and dry? Well Citizen, there may still be some life left in those poletop radios after all.

According to this article in Front Range Tech Biz (“Aerie Networks ricochets into new market approach“), it looks like Aerie is gearing up to sell Ricochet wireless service in Denver soon.

But rather than via buried cable, Aerie will move data across airborne wavelengths transmitted by what was until recently San Jose-based Metricom?s Ricochet wireless broadband service. In early November, Metricom, which cited debts of $1 billion in its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in July, sold its Ricochet-related assets to Aerie for $8.25 million. Aerie?s new subsidiary, Ricochet Networks, will operate the service.

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