AirPods reportedly sold out in week before Christmas

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Date: Monday, December 18th, 2017, 03:48
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It may be harder to find Apple’s AirPods in time for Christmas.

Over on Apple’s online store, the company is now quoting delivery of the units in the first and second weeks of January. As such, you might have to hunt around for the headphones if you want to get them under the Christmas tree for a loved one on the 25th.

Best Buy, Verizon, and Sprint all list early January delivery dates or no availability at all. B&H also shows AirPods as back-ordered. AT&T seems to have some availability for 2-day shipping, but be sure to act fast as that could change within a few minutes.

You might have better luck in carrier retail stores, Best Buy, and Apple Store locations, which could still get a few units in throughout the coming week, but you’ll have to show up early.

AirPods have faced supply issues since the beginning and Apple seems to be struggling to keep up with the increased holiday demand. Tim Cook said in August that Apple was increasing production of the headphones, and while supply did briefly improve, things have again taken a turn for the worse for last-minute holiday shoppers.

Good luck out there, don’t go too bananas trying to get everything on your list for people and a killer gift can always wait a few weeks if need be.

Via 9to5Mac

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