Amazon Ships iMacs Fast (and Cheap)

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Date: Friday, April 5th, 2002, 12:00
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Now that’s a pleasant surprise.

Tuesday 4/2/2002 we are reading a online mac magazine and lo and behold we find a link saying amazon is selling G4 iMacs for US$1794.00 (STILL!!) also throw in free super saver shipping, no tax since we are in texas, and they claim to ship within 2-3 days of order. It was a deal not to be overlooked. I looked at the hubby who has been wanting a G4 iMac since January, but he’s been really disappointed with the lack of availability. We set forth on the, what we thought to be, agonizing journey of ordering an item from amazon that is basically hard to find if not ordered directly from apple.

Now remember this is all happening after 8pm central time on this fateful tuesday.

The order is completed and I decide not to hold my breath as I was absolutely 100 percent sure that amazon would write me an email the next morning, saying something to the effect of “we know we promised to ship your iMac in 2-3 days but guess what apple hasn’t sent us any product so we are going to basically tell you to wait till we receive something from apple which as you know will be another 3-5 weeks or so. Thanks for attempting to shop with and have a wonderful day.”

But, to my surprise I get an email on wednesday morning saying “we are happy to inform you that your product will be shipping today and that from here on out we are unable to change any payment info and the shipping method …” I jump with joy but know that since I didn’t spring for overnight or two day shipping I am going to have to wait at least another 5-9 working days if not more while UPS sits on my package. God forbid they deliver something early! Why that would be a crime.

Thursday morning, 4/4/2002, 6 am, I walk downstairs and sit down to check email and lo and behold another surprise. emailed me to inform me that my product had actually SHIPPED on the 3rd of April and that it was already in transit, and here’s my tracking number. Oh my, oh my. I instantaneously went to and entered my tracking number and to my surprise it’s sitting on a truck and is out for delivery!

Less than 48 hours after I pressed the “YES I WANT TO BUY THIS PRODUCT ALREADY” button, the hard to find, much coveted, just got a price hike of $100.00 iMac is on a UPS truck on it’s way to the shipping address of my choice. Also, I would like to add that the iMac cost me US$1794.00. Sorry had to repeat that. Yes there is justice in this world, and there is such a thing as fate and yes, there is a thing such as being over excited over a piece of machinery. And I am there! There is a GOD, and he’s looking out for me today. Should have bought lottery tickets instead!