Analyst predicts Apple will switch from Touch ID to facial recognition technology for next-gen iPhone

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Date: Monday, February 20th, 2017, 05:40
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It’s rumored that the next-gen iPhone will feature a front-facing 3D laser scanner for facial recognition according to JPMorgan analyst Rod Hall.

Hall has stated that the scanner will replace the Touch ID on the next-gen iPhone, as Apple is apparently looking to replace the Home button to allow for an edge-to-edge display. Hall’s note cites that the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus could also have a 3D laser scanner based on increased volume of the module within Apple’s supply chain.

The scanner component is said to add about $10 to $15 to the next-gen iPhone’s bill of materials, which coupled with the OLED display, glass casing, and other increased production costs, could make its retail price up to $100 more expensive than it would be without those features, if Apple looks to maintain a similar profit margin.

Hall’s research notes cites the opinion that the switch to a facial recognition technology will help alleviate user frustrates when the Touch ID doesn’t work under wet conditions. He also states an opinion that facial recognition could be a more secure technology than Touch ID, which could increase Apple Pay adoption among banks and merchants.

The research note said the 3D laser scanner could eventually be used for other purposes, such as augmented reality, but likely not until 2018 at the earliest.

Hall expects a strong iPhone 8 replacement cycle later this year, and he said an announcement about the product is possible as early as WWDC 2017, which kicks off June 5. Apple has not made any iPhone hardware announcements at WWDC since 201.

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Via MacRumors

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One Response to “Analyst predicts Apple will switch from Touch ID to facial recognition technology for next-gen iPhone”

  1. So what happens when it’s cold out and you’re wearing a scarf around your mouth or maybe the day is bright and you’re wearing dark sunglasses? You’ll probably have to remove those articles before the scanner will recognize your face. No technology is perfect. It’s hard for me to imagine Apple will remove the TouchID button only because it’s been such an integral part of the iPhone’s operation. I would think Apple might have the TouchID imbedded in the display. I’m sure it would also be possible for Apple to move the TouchID button to the back of the iPhone.

    I really wish these darn analysts would stop trying to guess the price of the next iPhone based on internal components. Apple could cut a deal with a company based on ordering a large number of displays which could change the component pricing. I honestly don’t see how claiming a certain sales price before the product is created carries any useful meaning at all. These so-called geniuses did the same thing before the iPad was introduced and they were completely wrong. Apple was able to offer a lower price for the iPad than expected and people were definitely surprised at that. I’m sure it caught the rest of the industry off-guard.