Announcing the MCE "Go Big!" iBook Promotion

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Date: Tuesday, May 28th, 2002, 11:00
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PowerPage sponsor MCE is launching today an incredible deal on the new iBooks that were just announced. It’s called the MCE “Go Big!” iBook Promotion. To make it short, we are offering for free an extra 128MB of RAM and an extra 10GB in hard disk space for the same price as the standard configuration. This is unprecedented. All the catalog resellers offer only the free 128MB RAM.

For example, the standard memory and HD configuration for the 12.1″ iBook is 128MB RAM and 20GB HD for US$1199. With the MCE “Go Big!” iBook promotion, you pay the same US$1199 and will get the same iBook, but with 256MB RAM and a 30GB HD – a savings of about US$175 over Apple Store prices for the same configuration. The only charge is a standard US$39 installation fee.

Details and specs are posted on the MCE Web site. Call MCE at 800-5000-MAC to order.

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