Antenna Upgrade Triples Wireless Range for ABS

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Date: Monday, June 16th, 2003, 17:44
Category: iPod, User Group

New Airport Base Station upgrade offers outstanding reception and range

QuickerTek Inc. has announced the availability of a new external antenna upgrade for Apple Airport wireless Base Stations. This new product adds significant range and speed to Apple wireless networks ? ideal for those network installations with needs that exceed the standard wireless capability. This antenna upgrades the customer?s existing Airport Base Station.
QuickerTek receives the customer?s Airport Base Station and then adds a 5Dbi omni antenna that increases the effective line-of-sight range to 500 yards. The QuikerTek Omni Antenna upgrade is intended for the Snow and Graphite Base Stations.
QuickerTek modifies the customer?s Base Station, adding the Omni antenna while guaranteeing a 24 hour “receive to ship” turnaround, so the impact to customer productivity is minimized.
The Airport Base Station Antenna has a list price is $250. (There is an advance exchange option that costs $350 and then provides a $100 rebate paid after the customer sends in a working base station, for a net cost of $250).