Apple adds 2 more channels to Apple TV

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Date: Wednesday, November 20th, 2013, 09:03
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appletv2Apple hasn’t done much with the Apple TV hardware lately, although an update is rumored to be coming soon, and a beta of the next major software update has been seeded to developers. However, Apple has been updating features pretty regularly. At the beginning of the year, we discovered that Apple could sneakily add channels to the Apple TV in the background, without a major software update. The first channels added allowed users to access Hulu Plus and HBO Go services, and later, other channels including sports, Disney content, and recently iTunes Radio. The most recent additions are channels for PBS and Yahoo Screen, which offers content from “Saturday Night Live,” Comedy Central, as well as Yahoo Originals. It also features live news, events, and music. I love that all this content is being made available, but honestly, I only have interest in maybe half of the channels. My fingers are crossed that Apple adds a way to let users hide channels we don’t use. That Apple TV front page is getting a little crowded.

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4 Responses to “Apple adds 2 more channels to Apple TV”

  1. “My fingers are crossed that Apple adds a way to let users
    hide channels we don’t use.”
    Settings>General>Restrictions has a feature like that
    with a list of all the apps and a “show/hide” selection for each.
    It’s been there since at least version 6, possibly longer.

  2. Thanks for the awesome tip! I generally don’t explore the Restrictions settings, so I didn’t consider that.Good to know.

  3. Yeah. Wasn’t the most obvious place, perhaps.

  4. In addition to hiding them, I think you can move them around so that the ones you use are altogether at the top: