Apple adds 2008-2009 Macs, other hardware to “vintage and obsolete” list

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Date: Thursday, December 24th, 2015, 06:09
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It’s not the easiest news to hear, especially if your product is in the list, but Apple on Tuesday updated its official list of “vintage and obsolete” hardware. This list is used to determine whether or not the company will repair or otherwise support any hardware problems.

Under Apple definitions, “vintage” products have been out of production for more than five and less than seven years, meaning that limited support may be available in some regions. In California, for instance, Apple is legally required to provide support for Macs, iPhones, and iPods.

The updated list includes the following units:

– iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2009)

– iMac (27-inch, Late 2009)

– MacBook Air (Mid 2009)

– Mac Pro (Early 2009)

– Time Capsule 802.11n (2nd generation)
The above products have some support in the U.S. and Turkey, but are considered fully obsolete in Canada, Europe, Japan, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Products that are now globally unsupported include the following:

– Apple Cinema Display (23-inch, DVI, Early 2007)

– Apple Cinema Display (30-inch DVI)

– MacBook (13-inch, Early 2008)

– MacBook Pro (15-inch, Early 2008)

– MacBook Pro (17-inch, Early 2008)

– Time Capsule 802.11n (1st generation)

– iPod touch with Jan SW UPG 32GB

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

Via AppleInsider and Apple

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