Apple Announces 700MHz iBook [updated]

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Date: Monday, May 20th, 2002, 07:46
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As reported here on the PowerPage last week, Apple today announced new iBook updates which are available immediately.

The Apple Web site has been updated to include the new iBook 700MHz. The main Apple page rotates between the xServe and the new iBook 700MHz, – just refresh your browser.

Specifications on the latest iBooks are:

  • 600MHz G3, 12.1″, 128MB, 20GB, CD-ROM – US$1199
  • 700MHz G3, 12.1″, 128MB, 20GB, Combo – US$1499
  • 700MHz G3, 14.1″, 256MB, 30GB, CD-ROM – US$1649
  • 700MHz G3, 14.1″, 256MB, 30GB, Combo – US$1799

The new iBooks inherit the ATI Mobility Radeon (16MB VRAM) video subsystem from previous TiBooks. Although Apple said that 32MB of VRAM is “recommended for optimum performance” of Quartz Extreme (QE), it is expected to function with a minimum of 16MB VRAM.

The newest iBooks ship with the new Sahara G3 processors with 512k L2 cache (IBM PowerPC 750fx – PDF) and a 100 MHz system bus across all models.

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