Apple Announces iBook 2001 [Updated]

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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In a media event at Apple’s Town Hall in Cupertino Tuesday Steve Jobs announced the next phase in the iBook revolution. Just as we reported here a week ago, the new iBook is essentially a miniature, 4.9 pounds version of the popular PowerBook G4 Titanium with a smaller 12.1-inch screen (with 1024*768 resolution) and a 500 MHz G3 processor.

Four versions are available with differences being base RAM and type of optical drive. Configurations include:

  • 64MB/10GB/CD-ROM – US$1299
  • 128MB/10GB/DVD-ROM – US$1499
  • 128MB/10GB/CD-RW – US$1599
  • 128MB/10GB/DVD/CD-RW combo – US$1799


  • Weight: 4.9 pounds (2.2 kg)
  • Width: 11.2 inches (28.5 cm)
  • Depth: 9.1 inches (23 cm)
  • Thickness: 1.35 inches (3.4 cm)

Go2Mac reader Woodwynlane noted that the iBook 2001 ranks as the third lightest PowerBook:

  • PowerBook Duo – 4.2 pounds (1.9 kg)
  • PowerBook 2400 – 4.6 pounds (2.1 kg)
  • iBook 2.0 – 4.9 pounds (2.2 kg)
  • PowerBook G4 – 5.3 pounds (2.4 kg)
  • PowerBook G3/FW – 5.7 pounds (2.6 kg)
  • iBook 1.0 – 6.9 pounds (3.1 kg)

The iBook packs a 12.1-inch TFT XGA active-matrix display with 1024-by-768 resolution – which is all the pixels of a 14-inch XGA display in a 12.1-inch display.

All configurations ship with:

  • 500 MHz PowerPC G3 processor
  • 256 KB on-chip cache running at 500 MHz
  • ATI RAGE Mobility 128 graphics accelerator
  • 8 MB of SDRAM
  • AGP 2X support
  • 10 GB Ultra ATA hard disk drive
  • 5 hour battery life


Ports across the left side:

  • v.90 modem
  • 10/100 Ethernet
  • 400 Mbps FireWire port
  • two USB ports
  • a new RGB and composite video output port
  • an AV port

Video mirroring requires the includes VGA cable (left), presenting video on a TV requires the (optional US$20) Apple AV Cable (right).



Apple Store Configure To Order (CTO) options:

  • 20 GB HDD – US$200
  • add 64 MB RAM – US$100
  • add 128 MB RAM – US$200
  • AirPort Card M7600LL/B – US$99
  • AirPort Base Station M7601LL/B – US$299
  • Apple AV Cable M8434G/A – US$19
  • Apple Portable Power Adapter M8457LL/A – US$69
  • iBook Rechargeable Battery M8433G/A – $129
  • 3 Year AppleCare Warranty – US$249


Miscellaneous notes:

  • Henrico County Public Schools purchased 23,000 iBooks at introduction – a whopping half of all PowerBook sales last quarter.
  • Early pictures indicate that the iBook 2001 has two command keys, one on each side of the keyboard.
  • The sleep light is hidden to the left of the open latch, as can be seen in the video.
  • The new iBook is not available with Mac OS X pre-installed. Apple should offer a coupon for a free upgrade to Mac OS X with a new iBook purchase, but no word.
  • The optical drives (including the new DVD/CD-RW combo drive) is tray-loading meaning that it is not backwards compatible with the TiBook.



Orders are being taken starting today at the Apple Store for delivery in “mid May.”

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