Apple Communication Meeting #3 – Notes

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Apple employees in Cupertino just returned from an all-hands Communications Meeting with Steve Jobs to discuss the company’s recent woeful financial results [read Apple Announces Potential Losses of US$250 Million, and Apple Rocks the Street… Again].

The following are paraphrased notes from the meeting from several sources in attendance. They are not meant to be direct quotes but rather to give a bit of the flavor of the meeting.

  • this meeting was the shortest of the past three (only one question was asked)
  • SJ: apologized for the poor results (embarrassed about the loses)
  • SJ: we can be daring, creative and have the freedom to push the envelope when we are profitable
  • SJ: we are working really hard to clear the [inventory] channel for several new products over the next several months
  • SJ: look for new hardware and software, 2 applications akin to iMovie will combine elements of hardware and software
  • SJ: alluded to vertical integration when speaking of the new apps
  • SJ: we really missed the boat with CD-RW
  • SJ: we screwed up in education, dell didn’t earn the crown, we gave it to them
  • SJ: predicted a worldwide economic slow down next year
  • SJ: alluded to a totally new product category being announced soon

What are your thoughts on the results and the meeting? Apple stock is hovering at around 14.25, will you Buy, Sell or Hold? Use the feedback link below.

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