Apple HD Cinema Display Problem

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Date: Tuesday, May 7th, 2002, 00:00
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Monday 5/6/02 1:00 PM – I just received my Apple HD Cinema Display. Very exciting! Unpacked the box, plugged in the display to my dual 1 GB, loaded up the new display software and rebooted.

My Desktop color is set to black and when the computer rebooted I was astonished at how HUGE the display was. Unbelievable.

Upon further inspection I noticed what appeared to be green felt on the display. I used the supplied cloth to wipe it off. I could not get it off. It was not on the surface of the display, it was the display.

There were sections of the display that looked like the night sky. Thousands of what looks like blown pixels of varying intensities of green scatted throughout the screen. The most dense collection was just east of the center.

I called Apple tech support and was immediately escalated. The second tech told me that they would get back to me on Tuesday or Wednesday with an update on how to proceed.

If you have just received a Apple HD Cinema Display test your display by making your desktop display black or fill the screen w/ a black Photoshop image.

To be continued…

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