Apple Introduces Airport 2

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Date: Tuesday, November 13th, 2001, 11:32
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Apple has updated its Airport wireless software and hardware with a slew of new features.

Airport now supports AOL users and features a built-in firewall and 128-bit encryption. Airport 2.0 software for OS X takes better advantage of multihoming features in X for seamless switching between different kinds of networks. An updated base station now includes a second 10/100BaseT port for connecting wired computers to your Airport network. Pricing remains the same: US$299 for the base station, US$99 for the card.

Don’t want to shell out cash for the new hardware? Fortunately, some of the new features are available just by updating your Airport software: updating via Software Update will also update “legacy” Airport cards to 128-bit encryption. (For 128-bit encryption on your base station, you’ll need to buy the new hardware.)

Check out the details on Apple’s website. If you find any details of the new Airport we’ve missed, drop us a line, and keep an eye out for fire-sale prices on version 1 base stations!

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