Apple Offers Discounts on iMac/iBook

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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The Apple Store is offering two rebates to encourage customers to buy iBook and iMac computers. Both offers are for customers who purchase their products between 13 January and 4 February 2001.

1. Customers who buy any iBook or iMac with a Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 648C color printer will receive an Apple rebate for US$50 and an HP rebate for US$50, for a total of US$100 in rebates. Canadian rebates are CND70 from Apple and CND75 from HP for a total of CND145. To take advantage of these two rebates, customers must use two mail-in coupons. Terms of this offer and coupons for customers in the United States are here. For Canadian customers, then info is here.

2. Customers who choose the standard iMac DV+ or iMac DV Special Edition can also get US$200 (about CND300) off the price of the computer from Apple. This is an instant savings at the point of sale, and no rebate coupons are necessary.

To be eligible for the second of the above offers, the customer must purchase a qualifying Apple iMac DV+ or iMac SE through The Apple Store, The Apple Store for Education Individuals, the Apple Store for Education Institutions or The Apple Store for Canada.

Although customers may combine the two offers, they may not combine them with any other offer, promotion or discount.

Qualifying Products

The following Apple iMac Computers (standard configurations) are eligible for the US$200 instant savings:

  • B5187LL/A iMac DV+ (450MHz/512K L2/64MB/20GB/4DVD/56K) Indigo
  • B5188LL/A iMac DV+ (450MHz/512K L2/64MB/20GB/4DVD/56K) Ruby
  • B5189LL/A iMac DV+ (450MHz/512K L2/64MB/20GB/4DVD/56K) Sage
  • B5190LL/A iMac DV Special Edition (500MHz/512KL2/128MB/30GB/4DVD) Graphite
  • B5191LL/A iMac DV Special Edition (500MHz/512KL2/128MB/30GB/4DVD) Snow

To receive instant rebate on the following two products, customers must call 800-MY-APPLE and refer to Claim Code IMACREBATE:

  • Z02G iMac Configure-to-Order(450MHz) Indigo, Ruby, Sage
  • Z02H iMac Configure-to-Order(500MHz) Graphite, Snow

Customers who want to add memory or AirPort to their iMac systems should call 800-MY-APPLE and refer to promotional code iMACREBATE to receive the US$200 savings.

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