Apple panics GoPro stock price with recently-released wearable camera patent

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Date: Wednesday, January 14th, 2015, 15:06
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Wearable camera maker GoPro’s stocks took a 12 percent dive yesterday as a result of Apple expressing an interest in its market.

Per Macworld and PatentlyApple, an Apple patent application for a wearable camera was approved, the end result sending GoPro’s stock price tumbling. The application itself details a GoPro-like wearable perfect for action shots and underwater recording. Apple even takes aim at GoPro in the patent filing.

Apple might not ever make a wearable camera, but if it does, it’ll be a GoPro on steroids. The patent covers a camera that can be mounted to bike helmets and scuba masks or fastened to motorcycles and surfboards. The patent also details plans for waterproofing so an iPhone could be used to take underwater snapshots.

Apple critiqued GoPro’s action cameras in the filing, specifically the HD Hero2 camera sold as part of an “Outdoor edition” bundle. In a copy of the filing, Apple said the Hero2’s single image capture system causes “excessive wind resistance” and has a large profile that sticks out from the camera, making it “more susceptible to damage.” Apple aims to create a camera that can be used in a conventional hand-held mode and a mounted mode with high-quality results both ways.

The patent covers an image sensor, optical system, and a remote control to capture images that would enter energy-saving mode to conserve power. Apple criticized existing remote control accessories for their short battery life. A figure of the remote control accessory included with the filing and published by PatentlyApple shows a remote control camera button on a watch. If Apple follows through on its patent, you might one day control your AppleCam with Apple Watch.

As always, stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

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One Response to “Apple panics GoPro stock price with recently-released wearable camera patent”

  1. Aren’t these the patents that were just transferred from Kodak to Apple (I think AppleInsider did a post about them) so they aren’t actually new. And it was Kodak that referenced GoPro in their original application?