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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Reader R. Clay Stiles sends us this query:

Do you know how to get the Apple pro speakers to work on a non-pre-January 2001 G4? Or where one can get the pro speakers that came with the G4 Cube? They are USB powered and do not have the proprietary speaker jack that the new ones have.


The Apple pro speakers [US$59] that are sold stand-alone will not work with pre-January 2001 G4s because they ship with a proprietary Apple connector that carries power and digital audio, and thus cannot be hacked/spliced.

You cannot purchase the USB speakers that came with the G4 Cube as a standalone SKU from Apple. Your options are: a) to purchase other USB speakers, such as the Harman Kardon Sound Sticks, b) to purchase a powered AV speaker system (my choice for performance), or c) to search for USB speakers for the Cube on auction sites like eBay from someone who opted for the Sound Sticks.

Note: the iSub does not work with Mac OS X and the Power Mac G4 Cube, yet.

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