Apple quietly extends AppleCare+ policies from 60 days to one year for iPhone purchases

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Date: Monday, March 20th, 2017, 05:12
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If you have an AppleCare+ policy, you’re going to like this.

Apple has quietly updated its AppleCare+ policy, extending the purchase window for iPhones from 60 days to one year. The change has been confirmed with a support rep, but is not yet showing up on Apple’s official product page for AppleCare+.

If you go to Apple’s eligibility tool and input your serial number from the iPhone’s settings panel, you should be able to see a new purchase option so long as you purchased the device within the last year.

The change extends to Macs and Apple TV units, but Apple Watch and iPads are still restricted to 60 days following the purchase. Apple lowered the price of iPhone screen repairs from $99 to $29 last September, which helps as well.

In the event that your iPhone screen has been cracked, Apple requires a physical inspection to buy the service in-store and a remote diagnostic test if you do so online.

If you’ve purchased an AppleCare+ policy with your iPhone and have any feedback to offer about it, please let us know in the comments.

Via The Verge and MacRumors

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