Apple Releases PowerBook Sales Numbers

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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A ZDNet article (“Apple raises concerns for the new year“) talks about the company’s 10-K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The 10-K filing is available in its entirety in either HTML or TEXT format.

In the filing the company divulges some interesting PowerBook sales numbers for fiscal 2000. from the Fiscal 2000 Overview:

During 2000, the Company experienced a 30% increase in net sales over 1999 which was the result of a 32% rise in Macintosh unit sales. This increase in Macintosh unit sales is primarily attributable to increased sales of iMac, the company’s moderately priced desktop Macintosh system designed for the education and consumer markets, and the introduction of iBook, the Company’s consumer and education oriented notebook computer introduced at the end of 1999. The Company sold approximately 2.2 million iMacs in 2000, an increase of approximately 400,000 units or 22% over iMac unit sales in 1999. During 2000, the Company sold approximately 545,000 iBooks. iBook contributed $809 million to net sales during 2000. The Company also experienced modest gains in combined unit sales of its professionally oriented Macintosh systems, PowerMacs and PowerBooks. Growth in net sales and unit sales was strong in all of the Company’s geographic operating segments, particularly in Europe and Japan.

Total PowerBook G3 sales (not including iBook) were 383,000, an increase of 11 percent over fiscal 1999.

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