Apple Reverses G4 Order Cancellations

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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According to a late update to MacCentral yesterday, Apple is backing off on its decision to cancel nearly all Power Mac G4 orders.

Macintouch today published the email message that Apple sent to customers who ordered G4s. The message says that if you ordered a 400 or 450 MHz G4 before October 13, they will honor the price you were given, and if you ordered a 500 MHz G4, you can now get the same configuration at 450 MHz for US$350 less the original order price or order any other system at pre-announcement prices. You will need to call 800-MY-APPLE to reinstate your order.

There has been no word on how resellers other than the Apple Store will be dealing with the changes in the G4 lineup

Investors in Apple may have been the only ones happy with Apple’s decision to slow down the processors and effectively raise prices, notes a article, “Apple’s chip shuffle upsets some customers“:

What really cheered Wall Street, though, were Apple’s moves to make sure the company can reduce a $700 million backlog in orders. The company said it will resolve a delay surrounding new versions of its Power Mac G4 systems by using processors that are slightly slower than originally planned.

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