Apple Speed-Bumps Blue/White Power Mac G3's

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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The Apple Store now has Blue/White Power Macintosh G3 systems up for sale that sport 450 MHz of Quake III polygon-pushing G3 processing power. According to a recent MacWeek article (“Apple pumps up Power Mac G3“), the new 450 MHz configuration offers a 23% performance boost over the “slower” 400 MHz configuration.

A $2,999, 450-MHz model includes 1 Mbyte of Level 2 backside cache, 128 Mbytes of DRAM, an ATI RAGE 128 chip with 16 Mbytes of Video SDRAM, a 9-Gbyte Ultra-2 SCSI drive and a 24x CD-ROM drive, Apple said in a statement.

According to the article, all Macintoshes now ship with Mac OS 8.6 preinstalled. Wicked.

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