Apple TV preorders now due for September 30th arrival date

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Date: Monday, September 27th, 2010, 03:25
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A number of customers who preordered the new Apple TV have begun receiving e-mail notifications that the US$99 set top box is now shipping, with an estimated arrival by the end of the month.

Per AppleInsider, shipment notifications began going out to some customers early Monday. The new Apple TV is shipping from Shenzhen, China, to customers in the U.S. via FedEx.

Estimated delivery for shipments is by Thursday, Sept. 30th, meaning Apple will meet its September launch deadline.

On Sunday, a number of users chimed in stating that their orders for the new Apple TV were being listed as “Prepared for Shipment.” The device was also still listed as “Ships: September.”

A substantial redesign of the Apple TV was revealed on September 1st at Apple’s annual iPod event, but the device wasn’t scheduled to ship until “later this month.”

On Thursday, Apple began refunding customers who had paid for expedited shipping on their Apple TV.

“Our records indicate that when you placed your order you paid for upgraded shipping,” Apple wrote in Thursday’s emails. “Due to a delay, we may have not been able to meet our delivery commitment.”

On Wednesday, Apple started authorizing the credit cards of those who placed preorders of the device.

If you’ve received an e-mail notification stating that your new Apple TV is en route, please let us know.

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7 Responses to “Apple TV preorders now due for September 30th arrival date”

  1. Got the email that the AppleTV Will arrive Oct 1st here in Calgary Alberta Canada

  2. I got the e-mail that says Oct. 1 but on the tracking it says Oct. 5.

  3. I have a FedEx tracking info with current status: “At FedEx location in LANTAU ISLAND HK (HongKong)” . Estimation delivery date of Sep 30 in California

  4. Ohh wow. I wish that it must be up to the expectations. Thanks for the update.

  5. I have a FedEx tracking info with current status: “At FedEx location in LANTAU ISLAND HK” . Estimation delivery date of Oct 5th. It is coming to Wisconsin. This sucks as it stated that they missed there cutoff for the days pickup as my date went from Sept 30th to Oct 5th – STUPID APPLE!

  6. Yay!! Just got the shipping notice for mine!!!

  7. Met too! The e-mail that says Oct. I wish it’s true…..