AppleCare+ plan, service prices for Apple Watch units unveiled

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Date: Friday, April 10th, 2015, 08:37
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How much is your AppleCare+ plan going to be for your snazzy new Apple Watch?

Apple has an answer for that.

With Apple Watch preorders opening last night/the Watchening, specific numbers have surfaced for AppleCare+ and repair fees for out-of warranty watches. These numbers are a bit frightening, as a coverage plan for an Apple Watch Edition model can rise into the thousands of dollars.

The service fee for a Sport is US$229, while the cost is US$329 for a mid-tier stainless steel Watch. Battery service is US$79 per incident, plus US$7 in shipping fees if necessary. Costs can vary according to country — in Canada, the base service fees are US$299, US$419, and US$3,599, respectively.

US AppleCare+ warranty plans are typically US$49 for the Sport, US$59 for the mid-tier Watch, and US$1,500 for the Edition. Apple is also selling plans that cover both a Watch and an iPhone, which are priced at US$149, US$169, and US$1,600, again depending on the Watch model. The combo plans, notably, can apply to undamaged iPhones up to six months old, whereas a regular AppleCare+ iPhone plan forces buyers to pick up coverage within 60 days.

Buying an AppleCare+ plan for the Sport or Steel models extends the warranty to two years while an AppleCare+ plan for the Edition extends coverage on that model to three years. The plans drastically reduce service fees to US$69, US$79 and US$1,000 for the Sport, Steel and Edition models, respectively. The AppleCare+ plan also includes an Express Replacement feature, wherein Apple will send out a package in which to return the Watch and have a replacement unit out to you in two to three business days.

Late fees between US$35.50 and US$3,600 are applicable if the original device doesn’t arrive at Apple within 10 business days. If it won’t arrive at all, the company is charging replacement costs between US$300 and US$10,000.

Let’s be honest, you weren’t using both of your arms or legs anyway, were you?

Via AppleInsider and the AppleCare web site

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