AppleCare Renewals not Renewed?

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Update: Many readers have responded to this report with successful AppleCare stories. People have not only received multiple mailing notices, but even phone calls from AppleCare. Just to be fair, though, we have received more reports of poor AppleCare service in addition to these positive ones. Realistically, AppleCare is a big money maker for Apple, so it wouldn’t make sense for Apple to drop its AppleCare customers. We have confirmed that Apple did in fact change its renewal policy as of April 5, 1999, because people were renewing contracts on dead machines and using the new contracts to fix those same machines. Apple couldn’t let that kind of policy abuse continue. We’ll keep you posted.

A reader relays an unfortunate occurence regarding AppleCare, Apple’s warranty program. Apple appears to have changed the rules so that you cannot renew your AppleCare warranty after it runs out, and they don’t send out reminders like they used to. If true, customers who forget to renew and let their coverage lapse are going to get squeezed. After all, if this is an official and well-documented policy change, then it is fair. If Apple tries to sneak this by its customers to save some money, however, it is unjust. If you have information about this story, or if you think it is a misunderstanding (as we hope it is), please let us know.

I have owned 5 PowerBooks and have received an AppleCare expiration notice for each one as the original warranty was about to expire. However with just a few days left on the warranty for my Wall Street I have yet to receive the notice. So I popped on over to my favorite shop to renew for another year. The service tech informed me that I was fortunate to have come in when I did because Apple has recently changed their policy regarding AppleCare.

He said that his understanding is that out-of-warranty machines will no longer be eligible for AppleCare, period. He went on to tell me that “several” Wall Street owners came in to that service center with the same gripe about not getting a renewal form in the mail. The only thing we could conclude is that Apple is doing all they can to insure that they spend a little cash as possible repairing machines under warranty. They appear to want you to allow your coverage to lapse. Then they’re off the hook.

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