AppleCare Switchup

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Date: Tuesday, November 26th, 2002, 11:00
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Last Monday, Apple mailed me someone else’s iBook.

As I was having problems with my AC input on my white iBook, I mailed it off to AppleCare in the box they FedExed me. A few days passed, and last Monday I got the box back, opened it up, and took out the computer.

The next day I turn it on, and it boots into OS 9 instead of my Jaguar. I start to panic that they formatted my drive, then I realized that the OS 9 desktop had stuff on it… not my stuff. And hey, it had a DVD-ROM drive.

This was funny until I realized that who knows who from god knows where had my iBook, complete with all the top secret super cool stuff for my Web site development… all with no password just like Apple asked for.

I called AppleCare, and the support tech was amazed and apologetic, whereas the Customer Service rep he transferred me to just sounded scared. They had me mail them back the iBook, and offered to send me a free battery. However, I still don’t have mine back.

Am I crazy, or should this not have happened?

This is the first we’ve heard of this, anyone else experience the same thing? -Ed

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