Apple's Classic Bigotry: Installing 9 Impossible?

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Date: Thursday, December 12th, 2002, 12:00
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[Ed: here’s the latest on the OS 9 installation saga. Let’s keep feedback on-topic — what’s the best way to deal with installation? No more OS X vs. OS 9 debates, please! -PK]OK. I know Apple wants to eliminate Mac OS 9 from their machines, but don’t be so pushy! I just re-partitioned my hard drive (10GB/50HB) and went to install Mac OS 9 on one of the partitions so I can boot from it (even from the Open Firmware chooser). NO CAN DO FROM THE DVD! It turns out that Apple will not let you install Mac OS 9 (Classic) from the DVD on a drive unless Mac OS X has ALREADY been installed. I guess Classic isn’t a stand-alone product anymore. I was able to copy Mac OS 9 from the Mac OS X partition after re-installing everything. Pain in the …

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